Sections Policy Workgroup

The WSBA Sections Policy Workgroup was formed by the WSBA Board of Governors at their meeting in July 2015. The workgroup’s purpose is to review WSBA policies related to WSBA sections and make recommendations for consideration by the Board of Governors.

Scope of Work

  • To review current WSBA policies related to sections.
  • Obtain input from sections and other stakeholders.
  • Recommend proposed changes to Board of Governors.
  • Disseminate and publish proposed changes for public comment.
  • Incorporate feedback and present to Board of Governors for approval.

Core Principles

Revised April 28, 2016
  • We are a WSBA leadership team driven initiative to improve WSBA and its sections.
  • It is critical we all support the process in a positive way.
  • All sections should offer core member benefits (educational, networking, and leadership opportunities; and direct communication to members).
  • Barriers to member participation in sections should be reduced.
  • Sections should have alignment with WSBA and its mission.
  • Workgroup recommendations should improve policies and mitigate any potential harm.
  • Greater administrative consistency among sections will enable us to streamline support and advance the WSBA mission more effectively.
  • Collaboration among and between WSBA, sections and WSBA strategic partners should be promoted.
  • The overall health and mission of the whole is greater than any individual section.
  • Transparency and participation through the process is critical.

Past Meetings

Note: The Sections Policy Workgroup has concluded its work in accordance with the timelines set forth by the WSBA Board of Governors. For questions regarding WSBA sections and/or the Sections Policy Workgroup, please email or contact 206.239.2116.

Feedback on Dec. 31 Draft Proposals

Written Feedback Submitted by WSBA Sections:

Summary of All Feedback Received (updated 01/27/2016)

Administrative Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Antitrust, Consumer Protection, & Unfair Business Practices

Business Law

Civil Rights Law

Construction Law

Corporate Counsel

Creditor Debtor Rights

Criminal Law

Elder Law

Environmental and Land Use Law

Family Law

Health Law


Indian Law

Intellectual Property

International Practice

Juvenile Law

Labor and Employment Law

Legal Assistance to Military Personnel

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Law

Low Bono

Real Property, Probate, and Trust

Senior Lawyers

Solo and Small Practice


World Peace Through Law

Feb. 4, 2016 - Feedback Forum:

The Sections Policy Workgroup hosted a Sections Policy Feedback Forum on Feb. 4 at the WSBA Conference Center (and via webcast). All Section Leaders and Section members were invited to attend and provide feedback in response to the Phase I draft proposals. Below is the feedback received from that meeting. Additionally, the right column features section-specific feedback.

NOTE: The above documents and video below have been reformatted for web publication purposes only.

Draft Proposals

Dec. 31, 2015: The Sections Policy Workgroup has completed the first of three phases and is pleased to share its work product for comment in the links below.

Section leaders and other stakeholders will be asked to provide feedback and comments through a variety of mechanisms, including but not limited to: Meetings with the workgroup members; comments on draft recommendations; input via Board liaisons to the sections; and feedback during Board of Governors meetings.

As part of their process, the workgroup will review a number of reference materials. Please find links to core reference materials here:

Sections Policy Workgroup Reference Book FY 2016

Note (Nov. 10, 2015): Tab II infographics updated with year end data for based on annual reports and updated financials for FY 2015.

IWorkgroup Overview
II – WSBA Sections

  1. All WSBA sections
    • Legend and infographic of members, activities, and financials
    • Comparative matrix on key data points
    • FY 2016 per member charge memo
  2. Each WSBA section
    • Legend and infographic of members, activities, and financials
    • WSBA section membership Dues 2009–2016
    • FY 2015 Annual Reports [14 received to date]
    • FY 2014 and FY 2015 Section CLE Data
    • Section bylaws

III – WSBA Information
  1. WSBA Bylaws [Key References for Section Leaders, followed by excerpts of WSBA Bylaws governing sections]
  2. Fiscal policies [expense, sections and CLE]
  3. Legislative comment policy [pending adoption]
  4. Equality vs. equity graphic
IV – FY 2016 BOG Liaisons by Section
APPENDICES – Section-Related Materials provided to the Board of Governors in FY 2015
  1. April 2015 Board discussion on sections (mini-retreat materials)
  2. July 2015 memo to Board, re: Recommendation to form workgroup (including related CLE analysis)
  3. September 2015 memo to Board, re: workgroup appointments

Workgroup Members

Updated April 1, 2016

Anthony Gipe, Immediate Past-President (Chair)
Robin Haynes, President-Elect
Phil Brady, Third Year Governor
Karen Denise Wilson, Treasurer
Ann Danieli, Second Year Governor
Keith Black, Second Year Governor
James Doane, First Year Governor
Sean Davis, First Year Governor
Ruth Edlund, Section Leader
Kim Hunter, Section Leader
RoseMary Reed, Section Leader
Alec Stephens, Section Leader
Paul Swegle, Section Leader
Terra Nevitt, Director of Advancement & Chief Development Officer
Ann Holmes, Chief Operations Officer
Jean McElroy, General Counsel
Tiffany Lynch, Controller
Paris Eriksen, Sections Program Manager