Brief Overview of WSBA Legislative Activity

WSBA Sections and Other Authorized WSBA Entities:

  • Authorized WSBA entities, including Sections, Committees, Boards, and Councils, may take positions on legislation on behalf of their respective entities, subject to the requirements of GR-12 and the WSBA's Legislation and Court Rule Comment Policy. The WSBA's Legislative Liaison reviews all proposed legislation and refers bills of interest to WSBA entities for their review and input. Positions taken on behalf of an authorized WSBA entity are the positions of the entity and not that of the WSBA. (Review positions taken by WSBA entities in the most recent legislative session here.)
  • Only the WSBA BOG or BOG Legislative Committee are authorized to take positions on behalf of the entire Bar Association. The BOG Legislative Committee meets regularly during session. More information about the BOG Legislative Committee can be found here.  
  • Authorized WSBA entities may also propose legislation, subject to a positive recommendation by the WSBA Legislative Committee and approval by the Board of Governors. (Review approved WSBA-request legislation for prior legislative sessions by referring to the Legislation Status Reports on this page.)
  • Whether taking positions on legislation or proposing legislation, authorized WSBA entities must work with the WSBA's Legislative Liaison and Legislative Office to communicate and advocate in the legislative arena. (Contact the WSBA's Legislative Liaison, Kathryn Leathers, at or 360-259-2044, or the WSBA's Legislative Office by calling 360-943-9977.

2015 WSBA-Request Legislation (bill numbers and links to the Legislature's bill tracking system will be provided after the start of the legislative session):

Cover Sheet Memo Draft Bill

WSBA Section: Business Law Section

Corporate Act Amendments re: Corporate Opportunity

Cover Sheet Memo Draft Bill

WSBA Section: Business Law Section

Trust Act Amendments (joint effort between WSBA & DFI)
Cover Sheet  Memo  Draft Bill

WSBA Section: Real Property, Probate & Trust Section jointly with the Department of Financial Institutions

WA International Commercial Arbitration Act (returning from 2014)
Cover Sheet  Memo  Draft Bill

WSBA Section: Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Current Bill Referrals

Bills referred to WSBA sections for review, and any positions taken, during the current Legislative Biennium

Legislation Status Reports

View information on the outcome of our legislative activity during past sessions.

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