Access to Justice Board Priorities 2014-15

At its annual spring retreat the Access to Justice Board sets priorities for the following year. In making these decisions, the ATJ Board reviews the status of its current initiatives, recommendations from its Committees and other stakeholders in the Washington State Alliance for Equal Justice, current and pending issues requiring attention and focus by the ATJ Board, and the availability of resources.

Priorities for 2014-15 include the following:

  1. Develop strategies to improve internal and external communication about access to justice issues and the work of the ATJ Board and Alliance for Equal Justice.
  2. Develop implementation and assessment strategies to determine if the Board's initiatives achieve intended results and outcomes.
  3. Support efforts to eliminate bias and racial disparity in the justice system.
  4. Promote increased public and private funding and support for legal aid.
  5. Support the adoption and implementation of key justice system initiatives promulgated by the ATJ Board and other stakeholders.

 Read a summary of the ATJ Board's priorities and progress over the last few years.

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