Public Service Incentive Award

Sponsored by the Washington Young Lawyer Committee

  • Active in public service and/or pro bono activities?
  • Looking to be more active in public service and pro bono activities?
  • Want to attend a WSBA CLE for free?

Apply now! Deadline is March 23, 2015.

The WYLC Public Service Award was created to encourage new and young lawyers to engage in public service activities. New and young lawyers who are currently active in pro bono/public service or who are interested in becoming active in pro bono/public service are eligible to be awarded one free WSBA CLE of their choice.


The award is for licensed attorneys admitted to practice in Washington who are in good standing and qualify as a young lawyer.* The WYLC Public Service Incentive Award subcommmittee will consider the applicants involvement or proposed involvement in pro bono and public service activities as described in RPC 6.1, including:

  1. WSBA, ABA, or local bar association activities
  2. Volunteering with pro bono and/or public service programs
  3. Writing a blog post for NWSidebar and/or writing an article for NWLawyer.

Selection Process

Award recipients will be announced quarterly (December, March, June, September).

Awards will be given approximately each quarter by the WYLC Public Service Incentive Award subcomittee. Each recipient will be eligible to attend one WSBA-CLE program that equates up to 6.0 credits total. Award recipients will be notified via e-mail. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants need only submit one application per year. Awardees may only receive the award once during the WSBA fiscal year (October 1–September 30).


Each year, the Washington State Bar Association welcomes approximately 1,000 new members – many who are new to the profession. Additionally, new and young lawyers make up 18.5% of the WSBA membership. The Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) plays a vital role in connecting new/young lawyers to WSBA services and resources that can help them build a sold foundation for success in the practice. The WYLC Public Service Award was created to encourage new/young lawyers to engage in public service activities.

*A young lawyer is any member of the WSBA who is under the age of 36 or in his or her first five years of practice, whichever is longer.

Congratulations Award Recipients


December 2014

Jennifer Anderson
N. Lauryn Boston
Juan Delgado
Erin Jany
David Savage
Angeline Thomas