Feb. 10, 2015

Letter to The Honorable Christine Kilduff regarding HB 1839.

Feb. 5, 2015

Letter to The Honorable Bruce Dammeier regarding SB 5600.


Jan. 29, 2015

Letter to The Honorable Laurie Jenkins regarding HB 1407.

Jan. 7, 2015

Letter to The Honorable Jim Moeller regarding HB 1035.
Letter to The Honorable Jamie Pederson and The Honorable Steve O'Ban regarding SB 5029.

Nov. 14, 2014

Letter to The Honorable Kitty-Ann van Doornick regarding RCW 2.28 amendments.


Oct. 7, 2014

Letter to Ruth Gordon regarding GR 27 amendments.

Sept. 6, 2013

Letter to The Honorable Robert A. Lewis regarding Modifications to RCW 11.88.120.

Sept. 5, 2013

Hot Topics, Tips and Tunes Summary  — presented by members of the WSBA Elder Law Section Executive Committee at the Elder Law Section Summer Social held in Seattle.


Aug. 2, 2013

Notice of Election

Members of the Section may nominate person to serve in any of the elected officer positions by written nomination to the chairperson of the nominating committee, Janet Somers. Nominations must be received no later than August 15. To be accepted, nominations from members must include the name of the person nominated, the position for which he or she is nominated, and the written endorsement (by signature or letter) of three members of the section. If no nominations are recevied, the below nominees will be deemed elected.

Chair: Sean Bleck

Chair-elect: Amy Freeman

Treasurer: Michael Bresson

Secretary: Julie Schisel

CLE Committee Co-Chairs: Kameron Kirkevold, Deborah Jameson

Communications Committee Co-Chairs: James Brown, Mark Vohr

Legislative Committee Co-Chairs: Robert Nettleton, Karen Treiger

Outreach Chair: Carla Calogero

At-Large Trustees: Bruce Pinkerton, Eric Watness, Janet Somers




July 16, 2013

Letter to the Honorable Robert A. Lewis concerning Lay Guardian Training.

  • Appendix A - Introduction Module (suggested changes)
  • Appendix B - Guardianship of the Person Module (suggested changes)
  • Appendix C - Guardianship of the Estate Module (suggested changes)
  • Appendix D - Vocabulary Module (suggested changes)
  • Appendix E - Resources Module (suggested changes)

June 19, 2013

Standby Guardian/Planned Absence was signed into law on May 20, 2013, and will take effect on July 28, 2013. You can read more information about SB 5692 here.

April 12, 2013

Letter to Representative Jamie Pedersen expressing concern over the elimination of the Office of Public Guardianship from the House budget.

April 4, 2013

Letter to Representative Moeller and Senator Padden affirming the Elder Law Section's support for the POLST bill as amended

March 20, 2013

Letter to Suprior Court Judges Association informing them of the WSBA Elder Law Section Guardianship Task  Force Report

Report from the Guardianship Task Force

Recent legislative activity from the Elder Law Executive Committee:

Letter to Representative James Pedersen

Letter to Senators Re: SB 5692

Ammedments to RCW 11.88.125

Jan. 30, 2013

Recent legislative activity from the Elder Law Executive Committee:

Letter to Senators: Re. SB 5344 Amendments to the Trust Act

Letter to the Honorable Jim Moeller: Re. Small Estate Guardianship - Training and Reporting

Jan. 16, 2013

Recent legislative activity from the Elder Law Executive Committee:

Letter to the Honorable Jim Moeller: Re. HB 1000