Current Issue

Spring 2017

  • Land Use Case Law Update
  • Federal Case Law Update

Past Issues

Summer 2016

  • A Balance of Powers: The Story of the 2016 Legislature
  • Vested Rights: Washington's Constitutional Land Use Doctrine
  • Ethical Considerations for Multi-Party Representation at Aquatic Cleanup Sites
  • Land Use Case Law Update

Spring 2016

  • Stormwater Permits Are Not One Size Fits All
  • A Report from the Confluence of Water Rights, Rural Water Supply, and Growth Management
  • Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) -  An Alternative Approach for Protecting Critical Areas on Agricultural Lands While Maintaining the Viability of Agriculture
  • Boards Update: Growth Management Hearings Board
  • Land Use Law Update
  • Federal Case Law Update

November 2015

  • Greenhouse Gas Regulation in Washington: What the Clean Power Plan and Washington Clean Air Rule Mean for the State
  • Land Use 101: A Quick Primer on Property Information Which Law School Didn’t Teach You aka a Mash Note to MRSC
  • Growth Versus Rivers – New Developments in Water Law 
  • Recent Developments in Washington State’s Human Health Criteria Applicable to Washington Waters 
  • Clean Water Rule: Increasingly Troubled Waters 
  • Significant Recent Land Use Case Law 
  • Federal Case Law Update
  • Updates from the Seattle University and University of Washington Law Schools.

August 2015

  • Editor's Message
  • 2015 Legislative Update
  • Tribal Zoning and Land Use Regulation as a Tool for Environmental Protection
  • Returning to the First Principles of Urbanism Without Effort and Land Use Law
  • Clean Water Rule: The Ebb and Flow of "Waters of the U.S."

February 2015

  • Land Use Planning and Water: A Review and Update
  • Washington's Efforts to Address Fish Consumption When Regulating Toxics
  • Triggering the Insurer's Duty to Defend for MTCA Claims: Gull Industries, Inc. v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company
  • How A British Columbia-Style Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Would Work In Washingtion State
  • Decisions of the Growth Management Hearings Board, Fall 2014
  • Decisions of the Pollution Control Hearings Board and Shorelines Hearing Board, Winter 2014
  • Significant Recent Land Use Case Law
  • ELUL Section Grants Funded the Award of Two Law Student Summer Fellowships