Section Events Calendar

Upcoming Events in 2017

Executive Committee meetings are by teleconference. Call-in: 888-857-7291; passcode: 206-359-3002

  • June 19: Executive Committee meeting, noon-3 p.m.
  • July 11: Executive Committee meeting, 4:30-5 p.m.
  • Aug. 25: IP Licensing CLE. WSBA Conference Center, details and registration to come.
  • Sept. 22: IP Essentials CLE. WSBA Conference Center, details and registration to come.

Previous Events

This record of past events is maintained for the convenience of members who may wish to apply for CLE credit.


  • Jan. 18: Executive Committee meeting
  • Feb. 22: Executive Committee meeting
  • March 10: Annual IP Institute – information and registration here.
  • March 16: Executive Committee meeting, 4–4:30 p.m.
  • April 19: Executive Committee meeting, 4–5 p.m.
  • May 5: Executive Committee meeting, 4–5 p.m.


  • March 11: IP Institute held at the Washington State Convention Center
  • April 21: IP Advanced Licensing Seminar held at the WSBA Conference Center at the WSBA offices.
  • Aug. 16: IP Licensing in the Age of Privacy, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing
  • Aug. 16: IP Section Meet & Greet. Rock Bottom Brewery
  • Sept. 26: IP Essentials CLE. Seminar held at the WSBA Conference Center at the WSBA offices
  • Dec. 9: 2016 IEIPI CLE. 10:30 a.m.-noon at Gonzaga University School of Law. A discussion of the Federal Trade Secrets Act by Prof. J. Christopher Lynch
  • Dec. 14: Executive Committee Meeting Noon-1:00 p.m. at Perkins Coie, LLP, 1201 Third Ave., #4900, Seattle