Section Administration

The International Practice Section is committed to sharing information with its members. The administrative responsibilities of the section include providing the Board of Governors with an annual report, management of the budget and adherence to the bylaws.

Annual Report      Budget      Bylaws

Executive Committee

James Clack

Fraser Mendel


Leonid Kisselev

Immediate Past Chair 
Jonathan Lloyd 

Eriko "Elly" Baxter

Committee Members
Monica Langfeldt, Position #1 (to 2015)
Matthew Dresden, Position #2 (to 2015)
Bernard Shen, Position #3 (to 2016)
Bonnie Wasser, Position #4 (to 2016)
Holly Vance, Position #5 (to 2017)
Megan Lutes, Position #6 (to 2017)

BOG Liaison
Mario Cava