Below are instructions for the use of most section list serves. Not every section has a list serve and not every section utilizes the WSBA-supported list serve program. Below the instructions is a list of every applicable section list serve email address. You must be a member of the section in order to be included on the section's list serve. You must be a member of the list serve in order to send a message. The list serves are voluntary; you are automatically added to the list serve upon joining a section. You may request to receive messages in "digest" or "index" form or to be removed from the list serve.

If you have any questions, wish to unsubscribe, or change your email address, contact

General Information:

    • This is a “closed” list serve, which means it is not open to anyone not currently subscribed. Only current subscribers of the list serve can send email to the list serve. 
    • Please note that the name of the list serve will be automatically added before the subject line of your message. The list name will appear in brackets. This allows you to use the list serve name as a filter when receiving email messages and setting up rules that you use to manage your email folders. 
    • This list serve allows attachments; however, the total message size including attachments is limited to 5 megabytes.

Sending Messages:

    • To send a message to everyone currently subscribed to this list, address your message to the applicable address. This is the "list address." The list serve will automatically distribute the email to all subscribers.
    • A subject line is required on all email messages sent to the list serve.
    • Include a signature block at the bottom of the message, or some other contact information (i.e. name and email address or phone number).

Responding to Messages:

When you use “Reply” to respond to an email sent to the list serve, your message will go only to the author of the email. When you use “Reply All,” your message will go to the author and to all members of the list serve.

List Serve Addresses:  

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List Serve Guidelines

Join the Section's List Serve

Many sections provide a list serve as a member benefit. In most cases, you will be automatically subscribed to your section’s list serve soon after you join the section. 

To join sooner, to opt-out, or for any questions, please send an email to

Please indicate which list serve you would like to join and your bar number (if applicable).