Here’s what you can expect from a Moderate Means Program attorney:

  • The lawyer will charge you fees. The lawyer’s time is not a free service.
  • You and the lawyer will negotiate the fee. 
  • The lawyer’s hourly fee rate will vary.
  • The lawyer will examine your household income and the number of dependents.
  • The lawyer may request an advance deposit.

Check to see if you are eligible for the program.

Once you apply 

Step 1 — Talk with a Law Student Volunteer

A law student volunteer from Gonzaga University, Seattle University, or the University of Washington will talk with you about your legal issue and household income. The volunteer gives this information to our staff lawyers. The staff attorneys at the law schools determine if your case is eligible for the program.

Step 2 — Get a Referral

If your case is eligible, we will refer you to a participating lawyer. After a lawyer accepts your case, we will give you their name and phone number. You are responsible for contacting the lawyer to set up a meeting.

We will tell you if we can’t refer your case. We may suggest other organizations or resources that can help you.

Step 3 — Meet with the Lawyer

Call the lawyer to schedule a meeting. During your first meeting, you and the lawyer will decide if you want to work together. If you hire the lawyer, you will need to discuss how much to pay and if a deposit will be required before the lawyers starts working on your case. We suggest that lawyers use our sliding fee scale.

Client income 200-250% FPL: reduce fee by 75%
Client income 250-350% FPL: reduce fee by 50%
Client income 350-400% FPL: reduce fee by 25%

However, the lawyer doesn’t have to use this scale to decide how much he will charge you. You don’t have to hire the lawyer. If you decide not to hire the lawyer, please contact us. We may be able to refer your case to another lawyer, but we can’t guarantee this.