Under RPC 6.1, every lawyer has a professional responsibility to assist in the provision of legal services to those unable to pay. This professional responsibility of service is also stated in the Oath of Attorney: “I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay unjustly the cause of any person.”

WSBA is committed to making it easier and more rewarding to get involved in giving back. Take a look at the list below of ways you can fulfill your professional responsibility.


Providing Time and Talent

  • Take a pro bono case from a Volunteer Lawyer Programs and legal services organizations, or volunteering at a legal advice clinic
  • Take a low-fee case from the WSBA Moderate Means Program
  • Volunteer to interpret or translate for a Volunteer Lawyer Programs and legal services organizations
  • Teach at a CLE and train pro bono attorneys
  • Mentor those who take pro bono cases
  • Sit on a board or committee of the Washington State Bar Association, local county bar associations, Minority Bars or Specialty Bars
  • Make presentations to local community groups and professional associations highlighting the importance of civil legal aid and equal access to the justice system
  • Use your legal skills to advice nonprofit organization


Volunteer Perspective

To get an idea of the various activities, rewards and a volunteer's perspective, check out our series, "Enhancing the Profession through Service," on NWSidebar.


Learn more about RPC 6.1 with Omar Nur

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities with the WSBA, the public, and in the legal community.

County, Minority, and Specialty Bar Associations

County Bar Associations 

Minority Bar Associations 

Specialty Bar Associations