Become a Qualified Legal Services Provider

Thank you for your interest in being recognized as a Qualified Legal Service Provider (QLSP).

1. Check to make sure your organization is not already a QLSP

View our list of Qualified Legal Service Providers.   

2. Ensure you meet the criteria to become a QLSP

To become a Qualified Legal Service Provider, an organization must meet these five criteria:

  1. Must be a not-for-profit legal services organization whose primary purpose is to provide legal services to low-income clients (per Emeritus APR 8(e).
  2. Must have a client financial screening mechanism in place to ensure clients are low-income.
  3. Must either provide malpractice insurance for volunteers or have a policy in place to require that all volunteers have alternative malpractice insurance.
  4. Must provide at least two hours of CLE-accredited training for their volunteers (either live or recorded seminar), so that attorneys can earn CLE credits for providing pro bono work.
  5. Must be in Washington state or predominantly service Washington state residents.

3. Submit for Your Program for Review

If your program meets the criteria, submit a one-page letter to Public Service Programs at for review. Including a program brochure or link to your organization is recommended.

For questions, please email