How to Become a Qualified Legal Services Provider

Thank you for your interest in being recognized as a Qualified Legal Service Provider (QLSP).

1. Check to make sure your organization is not already a QLSP

View our list of Qualified Legal Service Providers.   

2. Ensure you meet the criteria to become a QLSP

To become a Qualified Legal Service Provider, an organization must meet these five criteria:

  • Must be a not-for-profit legal services organization whose primary purpose is to provide legal services to low-income clients (per Emeritus APR 8(e)(2).
  • Must have a client financial screening mechanism in place to ensure clients are low-income.
  • Must either provide malpractice insurance for volunteers or have a policy in place to require that all volunteers have alternative malpractice insurance.
  • Ensure volunteers receive at least two hours of relevant training.
  • Must be in Washington state or predominantly service Washington state residents.

3. Submit Your Program for Review

If your program meets the criteria, submit a one-page letter to Public Service Programs at for review. Including a program brochure or link to your organization is recommended.

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