MCLE Information for Members

All active members, judicial members classified as ALJs, military lawyers admitted under APR 8(g) and house counsel admitted under APR 8(f) must earn:
  • 45 total MCLE approved credits every three years
  • At least 22.5, of which must be “live” credits
  • At least 6, of which must be “ethics” credits
Your MCLE roster will tell you your three-year reporting period in which you must earn the credits.  You must earn your credits by December 31 of the third year of your reporting period.  You must certify your MCLE credits by February 1 of the following year.

You may carry over up to 15 excess credits, including 2 ethics credits, to the next reporting period.

“Live” credits are those that occur in real time with moderators and the ability for you to ask questions; this includes live webcasts, teleconferences and video conferences.

All MCLE tasks described below may be done from your MCLE Roster by logging into and clicking on MCLE under “My Profile.”


Accessing Your MCLE Roster

Login to to access your MCLE roster. You will find a link to MCLE under “My Profile.”

Searching for Approved Courses to Take
Use the “Search Upcoming Activities” or “Add Activity” link to find out if a course is approved or to find an approved live or A/V course to take.

Adding an Activity to Your Roster
Use the “Add Activity” link to add an already approved activity to your roster.

Submitting an Application for MCLE Credit
Sponsors will usually submit attendance for activities. For activities that are not already approved by the sponsor (see Adding above), use the Form 1 link at the bottom of the search page to submit a Form 1 application for credit for an activity. Check back periodically to see if it has been approved.

Certifying or Reporting Your MCLE Credits
Use the “Submit MCLE Certification (C2) Form” link to certify your MCLE credits. You must certify MCLE compliance by February 1 of the year following your three-year reporting period.   

You will need to pay a late fee if credits are not earned by December 31 or you do not certify by the deadline. Use the “Pay Late Fee Online” link at the bottom of your roster page.

Certifying by Comity for Members Licensed in OR, ID or UT

Note: This must be by mail.

Submit the following to the WSBA:
  • a Comity Certificate of Compliance from OR, ID or UT; and
  • a $25 comity fee payable to the WSBA.

WSBA Member Guide to MCLE

For more detailed instructions and information, please consult the WSBA Member Guide to MCLE.  In addition to the topics above, you will find information about:
  • Seeking MCLE credit for:
    • Teaching or panelist preparation time
    • Pro Bono training and service
    • Legal writings
    • Nexus
    • Law school courses and competitions
    • Bar exam review courses
  • Requirements for new members
  • Requirements for members living outside the U.S.
  • Retention period for CLE materials

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

Please contact an MCLE analyst at 206-733-5987 or  


MCLE Rules and Regulations

APR 11 and Regulations to APR 11 are effective through Dec. 31, 2015, and all members with a reporting period ending Dec. 31, 2015, must meet the credit requirements under these rules.

A new APR 11 takes effect on Jan. 1, 2016. All members, except those who are not yet compliant for the 2013–2015 or earlier reporting periods, will have their credits migrated to a new MCLE system in alignment with the new rules and will report credits under the new rules.

The Complete MCLE Member Guide


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