MCLE Information for Members

MCLE credit requirements for active members, judicial members classified as ALJ, military lawyers admitted under APR 8(g) and house counsel admitted under APR 8(f):

  • 45 approved MCLE credits in total every three years
  • At least 15 law and legal procedure credits
  • At least 6 ethics credits


  • Earn credits by Dec. 31 of the third year of your reporting period.
  • Certify credits by Feb. 1 of the year following your reporting period.

Failure to meet one of these deadlines will result in a late fee. The late fee for the first reporting period of noncompliance is $150 and increases by $300 for each consecutive reporting period of noncompliance.

You may carry over to the next reporting period up to 15 excess credits, including two ethics credits.

Determine your reporting period and reporting group.

Accessing Your MCLE Roster

Login to the MCLE Portal to access your MCLE roster.

Searching for Approved Courses

Use the “Find CLEs” link to find an approved live or recorded course to take.

Adding an Activity to Your Roster

Use the “Add an Activity” link to add an activity to your roster.

You can also complete and submit an application for approval of a CLE activity via email to or by mail to our address at the bottom of the page.

Certifying by Comity for Members Licensed in Oregon, Idaho, or Utah

Submit the following to the WSBA via MCLE portal or via mail to our address at the bottom of the page:

  • a Comity Certificate of Compliance from Oregon, Idaho or Utah
  • a $25 comity fee payable to the WSBA

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Have Questions or Need Assistance?

Please contact an MCLE analyst at 206-733-5987 or

Washington State Bar Association MCLE Team
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Free Alternative Ways to Earn CLE Credit

Members of the Washington State Bar Association can earn credits for free via several methods under the recent update to Admission and Practice Rule 11.