Credit/Compliance Certification

Attorney MCLE Reporting and Certification Requirements and Information

Due Date for MCLE Credit Completion and Certification

WSBA members are divided into three MCLE reporting groups based upon year of admission. (Newly admitted members are exempt)

Group 1: Admitted through 1975, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012

Group 2: Admitted in 1976 through 1983, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Group 3: Admitted in 1984 through 1990, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014

 Group      Report          Complete Credits   Certify Compliance
 Group 1  2011-2013   Dec. 31, 2013   Feb. 1, 2014
 Group 2  2012-2014  Dec. 31, 2014    Feb. 1, 2015
 Group 3  2013-2015  Dec. 31, 2015   Feb. 1, 2016

Newly Admitted Members

Newly admitted members are exempt from completing and certifying CLE credits for the year of their admission and the following calendar year. For example, if you were admitted in 2011, you would not complete and certify credits for this reporting period (2010-2012) even though you are in Group 3. You would first do these at the end of the 2013–2015 reporting period. Members admitted in 2012 will do these at the end of the 2014–2016 reporting period.  Members admitted in 2013 will first do these at the end of the 2015–2017 reporting period. When new members report at the end of their first reporting period, they may claim all CLE credits earned on or after their date of admission to the WSBA.

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Credit Requirements

  • At least 45 total credits of MCLE Board-approved CLE activities must be taken, including a minimum of 22.5 live credits and a minimum of 6 ethics credits.
  • Credits required for compliance must be completed by December 31 of the last year of your reporting period.
  • Courses must meet the requirements of APR 11 to be accredited, but they do not need to be taken in Washington State. Many courses are offered around the world that meet the requirements of APR 11.
  • "Live" courses are held at a specific time; they are not pre-recorded. During the course, attendees have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor(s) and hear the questions of others in real-time. Live courses include teleconferences, webinars and webcasts, as well as traditional in-person events.
  • "A/V" courses are pre-recorded CLE courses. These courses are the only type that can be used for earning "self study" credits.  A/V courses include audio and video tapes, compact discs, DVDs, archived web casts, and other media that include the soundtrack of an MCLE Board-approved course presentation. These programs cannot be more than five years old from the date of recording, except MCLE Board-approved "skills-based" courses. Written materials must be included with the A/V program and reviewed by the applicant to earn credit. Written materials must be purchased by each member, when required by the sponsor, to claim CLE credit for listening to or viewing an A/V program borrowed from another party.
  • "Ethics" courses, and sessions of larger courses devoted exclusively to ethics, must meet the specific requirements of APR 11 Regulation 101(g) to be considered for ethics credit.
  • "Read-only" and "read-and-test" courses are not accreditable in Washington.

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Carry-over Credits

Carry-over credits from the previous reporting period may be used to meet the requirements of the current reporting period. If the total of your current reporting period credits exceeds 45, you may carry-over a maximum of 15 credits towards your next reporting period. Of these 15 credits, up to 2 can be ethics credits and up to 5 can be A/V credits. No credits will be carried over if a Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance from a comity state is used for compliance certification. 

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MCLE Compliance Certification Requirement

All active members due to certify MCLE compliance are required to:

  1. Complete the credit requirements; and
  2. Certify the credits taken for MCLE compliance.

Your online roster showing credit compliance is not a substitute for certifying MCLE compliance [APR 11.6(b)]. You must complete the Online Certification or complete and submit the paper Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Certification (C2) form that is in your license packet.

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MCLE Online Certification

If this is your Reporting Period, and if you have met the reporting credit requirements, online MCLE certification is available:

  • Go to the "mywsba" website at (You must have a valid email address on file with the WSBA to be able use the online system).
  • Click “Login” in the top right corner of the screen. Login using your Bar Number and Password.
  • Click on the "My Profile" tab
  • Click on the “MCLE” link on the left side on your My Profile page.
  • Click on “Submit MCLE Certification (C2) Form” link to certify your MCLE credits.
  • Follow the instructions in the form.


On your Licensing Renewal and MCLE Certification (C2) Page

  • If you have met your credit requirements, "MCLE Credit Requirements" will be listed as "Completed." 
  • If you have not met your credit requirements, "MCLE Credit Requirements" will be listed as "Not Completed."
    • Click the "MCLE Credits Requirements" link to add more courses to your roster or to submit Form 1 applications for course approval. 
    • If you have not submitted your C2, "MCLE Certification (C2)" will be listed as "Not Completed."
      If you have submitted your C2, "MCLE Certification (C2)" will be listed as "Completed/Pending review by WSBA."
      • Once your C2 is submitted, check back for compliance determination (allow at least 3–4 weeks). The status will be noted in your MCLE online records. If anything else is required, an email will be sent to the email address on file.
      • If your C2 is approved, "MCLE Certification (C2)" will be listed as "Completed." Your new 2014-2016 reporting period will show on your MCLE records.

      If you are certifying via comity you cannot certify online. Submit your Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance form with a paper C2 form.

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      Paper Certification

      If you do not want to certify online or are not credit compliant, you can file your Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Certification (C2) form.  It lists CLE activity credits earned for your Reporting Period credit compliance.

      • C2 forms are included in the license packets mailed in mid-October to all members due to report and certify credits (Group 1 members this year). 
      • The data printed on the C2 form was taken from your online MCLE roster in mid-September.
      • If you earned additional credits after mid-September and they are not listed on the form, please add them.
      • All courses you list on the form must be approved by the MCLE Board. Approved courses have an Activity ID number.
      • You must verify that the credits listed in the C2 form are accurate. The credits for CLE courses you took should reflect your actual attendance. Credits on your online MCLE roster may be edited by clicking on the “Edit/Delete” link next to each course. Credits on the C2 form may be corrected manually.
      • If you do not want to handwrite the additional credits you earned on the back of the C2 form, you may print a copy of you online MCLE roster and attach it to your C2 form. State on your C2 form that the attached roster printout is a true and correct statement of the CLE courses taken for credit compliance.
      • The C2 form is a declaration and must be signed and dated, and the location where signed must be identified.  

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      • All required credits must be completed by December 31 of the last year of your reporting period. [APR 11.2(a)]
      • All credits must be certified by February 1 of the year following the end of your reporting period (or the next business day, if February 1 is on a weekend). [APR 11.6(b)]
      • If your credits are not complete by December 31 of the last year of your reporting period, you must complete the requirements listed below by the following February 1:
        • File a C2 form by February 1 listing the credits taken to date even though you have not completed the credit requirements. Then file a Supplemental CLE Certification Form for all subsequent credits earned for compliance. [APR 11.6(b)]
        • Submit a Petition to the MCLE Board by February 1. Provide a complete explanation of the reason that you need an extension. The Board will consider factors of undue hardship, age or disability in determining whether an extension will be granted. [APR 11.6(c)(4) and APR 11 Regulation 107(a)] If you need a petition form, contact the WSBA Service Center and ask to be forwarded to an MCLE Analyst. Email or call 800-945-9722 or 206-443-9722.

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        MCLE Late Fees

        Late fees are assessed when:

        • Credits are not completed by December 31 of the last year of your reporting period; and/or
        • Credits are not certified by February 1. 

        The late fee for the first reporting period of non-compliance is $150 and increases by $300 for each consecutive reporting period of non-compliance.

        You may pay your late fee online if you will be paying your late fee in full.

        • Access your online MCLE record page.  (For instructions, click Online Certification.)
        • Click the "Pay Late Fee Online" link at the bottom of your roster page.
        • Fill in the fields in the "Payment Information" section of the screen.
        • Click "Make Payment"

        To make a partial payment you must either

        • Send a check to the WSBA – on the memo line write "MCLE late fee" and your bar number, or
        • Contact the WSBA to make a credit card payment (206-443-9722 or 800-945-9722).

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        MCLE Comity

        If you are an Active member of the WSBA and your primary office for the practice of law is outside of Washington, and if you are a member of the Oregon, Idaho, or Utah state bars ("comity" states), you may meet your Washington MCLE credit requirements via comity [APR 11 Regulation 112].

        To do this, three requirements must be met no later than February 1 following the end of your reporting period. You will not be deemed compliant in Washington until all are completed.

        1. Submit a "Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance" from your comity state bar office. This is proof of current MCLE compliance in your comity state. It is the only form of proof that will be accepted if you want to meet your Washington credit compliance requirements via comity. (See the note below for the comity state contact information.)
        2. Submit a completed and signed Washington MCLE Certification (C2) form. The C2 form will be in the license packet mailed to you in October of the last year of your reporting period. You must submit the paper C2 form if you choose to meet your compliance requirements via comity. You cannot submit an online C2 form.
        3. Pay a $25 service fee (effective 10/15/12) for the "Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance" being submitted. Learn more about the $25 Comity Fee.

        Your Washington state and your comity state reporting periods do not need to be identical. To meet compliance requirements in Washington your Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance from the comity state must show that you met the MCLE compliance requirements for your most recent reporting period in that state. 

        A "Certificate of Good Standing" or a list of courses taken to meet your comity state's credit compliance requirements is not acceptable for fulfilling the comity requirements.

        A "Comity Certificate of MCLE Compliance" – signed by the state MCLE administrator – may be obtained by contacting the MCLE offices in the states listed below:

            Oregon – Denise Cline, MCLE Administrator, at or at 503-620-0222, or toll-free in Oregon 800-452-8260, ext. 315.

            Idaho – The Membership Department at 208-334-4500 or

            Utah – The Utah MCLE Department at 801-531-9077 or

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        Course Approval

        All courses that you list on your C2 form must be Washington MCLE-Board approved and have an Activity ID number. This number is listed in your online MCLE roster and is assigned at the time of application. A "Certificate of Attendance" or other sponsor-provided certification is not sufficient for receiving course credit.

        If you have taken courses that are not yet approved by the MCLE Board, submit Form 1s for these courses immediately to ensure that they are approved before your certification is due.

        Each Form 1 application must include a full agenda in order to receive credit. The agenda must include the start and end times for each session and break.

        You must submit your Form 1 at least six weeks before your certification is due (four weeks for online Form 1s) because of high volumes from October through February. If you submit a paper Form 1, check your online MCLE roster to find its Activity ID number once it has been approved.

        If you submit your Form 1(s) less than six weeks before your certification is due (four weeks for online Form 1s), you must submit the paper MCLE Certification (C2) form that is in your license packet.  List all the credits that you have earned.  Add a note that you have submitted the Form 1s. Indicate if you submitted the Form 1s by paper or online.

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        Pro Bono Credits

        Six pro bono credits can be earned per year. [APR 11 Regulation 103(f)] Of the six credits, two are for the required annual pro bono training. Four credits may be earned per year for pro bono service credits if at least four hours of pro bono work were provided through a qualified legal services provider and if two credits of MCLE Board-approved pro bono training were completed within the same calendar year.

        Apply for credit for the pro bono training following the normal process for adding an approved course to your online roster.  If the course has not yet been approved, you may submit an online Form 1 in the same way as you would for any other Live or A/V program. If you prefer not to use an online process, you may submit a paper Form 1

        Apply for pro bono service credit online or by a paper Form 1:

        Online -- Submitting a pro bono training Form 1 and the Pro Bono Credit Form 1 online is the preferred method, with a greatly expedited approval time relative to paper submissions.  

        1. Go to
        2. Click “Login” in the top right corner of the screen, and log in.
          If you need to set up a password, click the "Activate your account" link to set up a new password. Your user name will be your bar number. 
          If you do not have a valid email address on file, you must contact the Service Center at or by phone at 800-945-9722 or 206-443-9722 to have an email address added to your records.
        3. Click on hte "My Profile" tab 
        4. Click on the “MCLE” link on the left side of your My Profile page.
        5. Click on the “Add Activity” link that is just above your roster of CLE activities.
        6. For the pro bono training, do a search for  the course following the instructions on the screen.
        7. For the pro bono service, click on the “Pro Bono Credit” link.

        Paper Form 1 --Print out a standard Form 1 application. Paper Form 1s take much longer to process than online applications. You should use the following guide for adapting the standard Form 1 application to request pro bono credit.

        1. Clearly write "Pro Bono" in the upper-right-hand corner to indicate its type. 
        2. Utilize the form fields to present information about the prerequisite training activity taken from a Qualified Legal Services Provider. For example, the "Sponsor" of the activity will be the Qualified Provider, and the "dates of each presentation" will be the date or dates on which you undertook the training.
        3. Attach a separate written statement detailing the following: 
        4. the number of service hours provided;
        5. the Qualified Legal Service Provider through which you provided the service;
        6. the dates on which such service occurred; and
        7. the type of service rendered.

        Note: For both paper and online Form 1 applications related to pro bono service, the sponsor listed must be recognized by the WSBA as a Qualified Legal Services Provider as defined in APR 8(e)(2).  If your prerequisite training was completed by mentoring another attorney, enter "Pro Bono Training – Mentor" as the activity's Title and include the name of the mentored attorney within the "Agenda and Time Schedule" field (in addition to the actual time schedule and topics covered in the mentoring).

        Contact a Qualified Legal Services Provider to earn CLE credit through pro bono activities, or to find out about approved live and A/V pro bono training programs.  Many pro bono trainings and volunteer opportunities are available through the King County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Services Volunteer Attorneys program. Additional information about Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities click here.

        For further assistance contact the Public Service Program at (206) 733-5905 or e-mail, or our Service Center at 206-443-WSBA (9722), 800-945-WSBA (9722), or email

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        MCLE System

        You may use the online MCLE system to:

        • Review and edit courses taken and credits earned;
        • Apply for course approval;
        • Apply for prep time, pro bono, moot court, or writing credit; and
        • Search for upcoming approved courses.

        To access the MCLE system:

        1. Go to
        2. Click “Login” in the top right corner of the screen, and log in.
          If you need to set up a password, click the "Activate your account" link to set up a new password. Your user name will be your bar number.
          If you do not have a valid email address on file, you must contact the Service Center at or by phone at 800-945-9722 or 206-443-9722 to have an email address added to your records.
        3. Click “Login” in the top right corner of the screen, and log in.
        4. Click on the "My Profile" tab
        5. Click on the “MCLE” link on the left side on your My Profile page.

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        Copy of Paper C2 form

        C2 forms for previous reporting periods are only kept for a short time. If your C2 form is still on-site at the WSBA, the fee for a copy is $10. If it has been sent to off-site storage, the fee for a copy is $25. Please contact the WSBA Service Center at 800-945-9722, 206-443-9722, or and ask to speak with an MCLE Analyst. The Analyst will be able to tell you if we still have your form and, if so, whether it is on-site or at off-site storage.

        If the MCLE Analyst confirms that we still have the form, please send a written request for your C2 form to the WSBA and remit the appropriate fee (payable to WSBA). Mail to MCLE C2 form Request, Washington State Bar Association, 1325 4th Avenue #600, Seattle, WA  98101-2539. 

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        If you have any questions about using the MCLE System or about the MCLE Compliance Requirements, see the online FAQs, or contact the WSBA Service Center at 800-945-WSBA (9722), 206-443-WSBA (9722), or

        Any conflict between information on this webpage and the Admission to Practice Rules of the State of Washington or regulations pertaining thereto (the Rules) is resolved in favor of the Rules.

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