Succession Planning

WSBA’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP), has a detailed website offering several checklists of responsibilities involved in closing one’s own practice, or assisting another attorney in closing their practice. This includes checklists, model rules, and responsibilities like how to handle one’s files or trust account.

In addition, WSBA’s Professional Responsibility Counsel Jeanne Marie Clavere is available to answer questions on the Ethics Line: 1-206-727-8284. The Ethics portion of the WSBA website offers 15 planning ahead forms with a summary of responsibilities. This is summarized in the 88 page handbook: Planning Ahead: A Guide to Protecting Your Clients’ Interests in the Event of Your Disability or Death.

Also, be aware that there are multiple licensure statuses that may become useful as you choose to move away from being a full time attorney. Emeritus status allows one to do pro bono work without the same costs and CLE expectations of Active status. Inactive status can have similar advantages if you want to discontinue practicing while holding out the possibility that you would resume at a later date.



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If you are having thoughts of suicide or experiencing a mental health crisis call WSBA Connects at 800-765-0770. This hotline is staffed 24/7.