The LOMAP team regularly contributes articles to NWLawyer. Descriptions and links to these articles are below.

Client Communication
Manage expectations and keep the client informed

All About the Client  
Accepting new matters and when the client-lawyer relationship arises

Tech Competence  
The basics (short of being a geek) 

Contract Lawyers   
A good adjunct to your practice

Tips for Associates  
Helps you survive your firm's expectations 

Financial Benchmarks  
Nomenclature defined

Malpractice Insurance 
Not required but good to have 

Member Wisdom 
Practical tips from WSBA members 

Intergenerational Communication 
Cast assumptions aside 

Web Practice Management  
Getting to know the "cloud" better  

2.5 Hours a Day Gets You $65,000 
You keep what's left over

Etiquette for the New Job  
Perception is everything 

Getting Organized 
(There's no need to be perfect about it)

Where the Work Is & Flat Fees
Manage Flat Fees and Compete with LegalZoom