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Clinical consultations are provided by psychologists Michael Badger, Ph.D. and Dan Crystal, Psy.D., and mental health counselor Heidi Seligman, LMHC within the Bar’s Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP). Consultations provide an opportunity for assessment of the problem(s) you may be facing, identifying useful tools you may utilize to address these issues, and resources to identify the right counselor for you.

Up to three face-to-face individual counseling sessions are offered by WSBA LAP staff free of charge. Additional sessions, up to a maximum of six, are provided on a sliding scale based on one’s income. We also accept Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield and Aetna insurance.

Common topics for consultation/counseling include: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, job-related stress, work/life balance, life and career transition(s) and numerous lawyer-specific problems.

All consultations are confidential and protected by APR 19(b)(2). The rules protecting confidentiality are the same as if you were meeting with an outside psychologist not connected to WSBA.

We are committed to providing culturally competent services to all WSBA members seeking our services.

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If you are having thoughts of suicide or experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 911 or the Crisis Clinic Hotline at 866-427-4747.