What is WordRake?

WordRake software instantly edits briefs, contracts, letters, and memoranda for clearer, more concise writing, saving you time and money. WordRake software:

  • Edits a 10-page document in 30 seconds
  • Costs less than 35¢ a day (with WSBA discount – enter coupon code “wsba” during checkout). Subscribe online at WordRake.

WordRake was created by lawyer and New York Times bestselling author, Gary Kinder, who has taught over 1,000 writing programs for the ABA and to firms like Jones Day, WilmerHale, Sidley, and Perkins Coie. Using patented technology, WordRake gives you confidence your writing is as clear and concise as you can make it.


How WordRake Works

Using WordRake editing software is this simple:

  1. Compose in Word.
  2. Open WordRake on the Word add-ins ribbon.
  3. Select the text you want to edit.
  4. Hit the “rake” button.
  5. Approve edits. Review WordRake's edits like you would Track Changes.


The Buzz About WordRake

Jack Newton, Co-Founder of CLIO
“WordRake is one of the only truly useful enhancements to Word [...] in the last 10 years.”

Patrick Lamb, Valorem Law Group, Chicago
“Since our clients pay flat fees, the faster we can generate the best possible document, the better. WordRake helps us do that.”

Chris Helwick, General Counsel, California State University
“Upon seeing WordRake, I was so enormously impressed, I instantly bought 22 3-year licenses for every lawyer on my staff."

Nancy Locke, City of Seattle
“WordRake takes the bureaucracy out of our writing, and should be a staple in any government agency. I see it becoming as ubiquitous as spellcheck.


Get WordRake Now — Special WSBA Member Discount

  • Purchase WordRake or try a free, 3-day trial.
  • To receive the WBSA member discount, enter coupon code "WSBA" and click "Update Coupon" during checkout.

WordRake checkout screen shot. Enter discount code WSBA.

For questions, call 206-650-5864 or email WordRake Sales Support.

Get WordRake Now

Purchase WordRake at the special WSBA rate, or try a free, 3-day trial. Enter coupon code "WSBA" during checkout.