Get Involved in NLE Seminar Development

New Lawyer Education's unique seminars are developed by new lawyers for new lawyers.
Joining an NLE development team allows you to develop your professional network, enhance your leadership skills and support your legal community.

Development team members will:

  • develop the theme and content
  • Recruit, coordinate and assist faculty
  • Get immersed in the subject matter
  • Receive complimentary attendance to the seminar and CLE credits

What is the time required?
Approximately 4-6 hours of time per month and attendance to the seminar is expected  of each development team members. Some of this time is comprised of conference call meetings and time between meetings.  You must attend all meetings and the seminar in order to receive credits for the seminar.

Development Team Recruitment Schedule

Topics for 2015-2016 New Lawyer Education
Topics  Seminar Presentation  Development Team 
 Mediation & Arbitration  January 2016  Recruitment closed
 Buying & Selling Real Estate  February 2016  Recruitment closed
 Intellectual Property  March 2016  Recruitment closed
 Immigration Law  March 2016  Recruitment closed
 Custody & Parenting Plans  Fall 2016  Recruitment ongoing
 Building a Basic Estate Plan  Fall 2016  Recruitment ongoing

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Thank You Volunteers!

2013-2014 Seminar Committee Members
Ada K. Wong
Amy Spitzer
Anthony F. Gibbs
Ashton T. rezayat
Brandon Stevens
Brittany E. Dietz
David Tseng
Erik L. Steinecker
Jeniffer Modak
Jenna Lieske
Jenny Ling
Laura M. Hartless
Mia Kantonen
Paul Dec
Raemi Lucas Gilkerson
Rebecca A.M. Bailey
Sarah Zubair
Scott M. Haapala
Traci McCall
Vincent Humphrey

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