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Joining an NLE development team allows you to develop your professional network, enhance your leadership skills and support your legal community. 

Topics for 2014–2015:

Marriage Dissolution
Starting a Solo Practice
Business Law
Evidence & Objection
Trial Advocacy

Participate in a NLE Focus Group?

New Lawyer Education holds focus groups throughout the year to help in the planning and the development of future NLE program topics. Focus Groups topics vary and may change. Focus groups generally meet from 12–1:30 p.m. Information about upcoming dates and topics will be shared as the information is finalized. 

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Seminar Developers
Casey Arbenz
Jerry Baker
Ben Carr
Kathryn Engel
Matthew Ennis
Laura Ewan
Kallie Ferguson
Alexandra Filutowski
Matt Forman
Laura Hartless
Robin Haynes
Ali Higgs
Amy Hughes
Vincent Humphrey
Chris Jackman
Jennifer King
Dan Lear
Stacy Marchesano
Andrew C. Olmstead
Jennifer Oswald
Dainen Penta
Rachel Perkins
Douglas S. Reiser
Paul Sewell
Madhu K. Singh
Noah Weil
Josh Williams
Noah Williams
Jenna Wolfe
Shane Yelish
Kris Yoshizawa

Seminar Faculty:
Kate Andersson
Mark Beatty
Sarah Bowman
Beth Bratton
Armika Bryant
Sandy Cairns
Rick Carlson
Rebecca Charles
Claire Cordon
Dwight Drake
Megan Farr
Eric Ferguson
Stephanie Gilfeather
JD Guillot
Ann Guinn
Scott Haddock
Brian Howe
Timothy Jones
Jeff Lantz
Rachel Leos
Yale Lewis
Ken Kilbreath
Dee Knapp
Sarah MacLeod
Joseph Marchesano
Michael Matesky
Ian McDonald
Greg McLawsen
Pete Miller
Judy Mims
Nick Mitchell
Gloria Nagler
Maren Norton
Clark Nuber
Sheila O'Sullivan
Heidi Orr
Brian Park
Walter Peale
Joshua Pops
D. Jill Pugh
Jessica Rafuse
Rosemary Reed
Jennifer Rydberg
Zachary Scott
Jay Schembs
Chris Sharpe
Craig Sims
Peter Smith
Ben Straughan
Matt Tilghman-Havens
Jeff Wells
Lisa Voso
Mary Anne Vance

Business Law Section
Criminal Law Section
Creditor Debtor Rights Section
Solo and Small Practice Section
Washington Young Lawyers Committee