Updated: Feb. 4, 2020

Current Section Chairs

Administrative Law Section

Jonathon Bashford

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Joanna Roth

Animal Law Section

Adam Karp

Antitrust, Consumer Protection and Unfair Business Practices Section

Eric Weiss, Co-Chair
Danica Noble, Co-Chair

Business Law Section

David Eckberg

Cannabis Law Section

Joshua Ashby

Civil Rights Law Section

Sarah Derry

Construction Law Section

Jason Piskel

Corporate Counsel Section

Scott Schrum

Creditor Debtor Rights Section

Kevin O'Rourke

Criminal Law Section

Josephine Townsend

Elder Law Section

Karen Boxx

Environmental and Land Use Law Section

Elizabeth Tellessen

Family Law Section

James Lutes

Health Law Section

Morgan Walt

Indian Law Section

Brie Coyle-Jones

Intellectual Property Section

Tom Satagaj

International Practice Section

Holly Vance

Juvenile Law Section

Jana Heyd, Co-Chair
Jill Malat, Co-Chair

Labor and Employment Law Section

Brad Medlin

Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP) Section

Eric McDonald

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Law Section

Dana O'Day-Senior, Co-Chair
Betsy Crumb, Co-Chair

Litigation Section

Greg Hesler

Low Bono Section

Celeste Miller

Real Property, Probate and Trust Section

Annette Fitzsimmons

Senior Lawyers Section

Brian Comstock

Solo and Small Practice Section

Kari Petrasek

Taxation Section

Rich Johnson

World Peace Through Law Section

Anna "Mickey" Moritz