Mandatory Malpractice Insurance Forum

WSBA members are invited to provide feedback to the Mandatory Malpractice Insurance Task Force about its interim report at a forum on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the WSBA Conference Center.

Participants will sign up to speak for at most three minutes. They will also be invited to submit supporting materials or more information to All participants who sign up between 2-3 p.m. will be allowed to speak, even if the forum time limit has to be expanded.

The task force chairman and several task force members will be present. The forum will be recorded for all task force members to view prior to their next meeting.

Participation Instructions: To participate by telephone, please dial 877-331-7677 and you will be greeted by an operator who will place you in conference. You may also appear in person to provide comments. A link to view the live forum will be available in the coming days.

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