Membership Study Results

Map of Washington with percentage of WSBA membership per region The 2012 WSBA Membership Study results are now available. A professional research and evaluation firm, TrueBearing LLC, conducted the study from September of 2011 through February of 2012. The study captured significant data from the WSBA membership and is designed to address and improve the legal profession in Washington.

Membership Study Goals

WSBA has taken the first step in developing an organizational road map informed by the demographics of its membership. The goals of the study were to:

  • Gather demographic and career data
  • Explore characteristics and experiences of diverse members
  • Understand professional transitions
  • Establish a statistical database

What We Learned

The legal profession today finds itself responding to a variety of different factors, including an economic decline, advances in technology, and a younger, more diverse workforce. Law firms, both large and small are faced with issues of streamlining operations, varied work styles, and changes in culture.  Legal practitioners and the profession at-large must be equipped to manage the differences in culture, practice, and generations.

The study identifies several challenges and opportunities that may require responses not only from us, but also from other stakeholders. For example, the study reveals that job satisfaction has the strongest impact on career stability of all examined variables. Another significant finding from the study is that 31% of the existing membership is projected to either retire or leave the profession during the next five years.

The challenges facing the legal profession create opportunities for the WSBA and its membership to collaborate in productive ways to improve both the experience of practicing law and the product of that practice.

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