Washington State Bar Foundation: Advancing WSBA's Vision of a Just Washington 


The Washington State Bar Foundation is on a mission.

  • Innovation
    WSBA is well suited to test bold, large-scale solutions for narrowing the justice gap and targeting the needs of people beyond the reach of other types of aid.
    The Bar Foundation supports innovative programs like WSBA's Call to Duty program, which gives veterans and their families direct access to legal help, and provides WSBA members opportunities to serve those who've served our country.

  • Focus
    WSBA is uniquely positioned to move the needle on diversity. With a focus honed on retention and an inclusive legal community, WSBA is getting at the root of why people leave the profession, so the profession can offer better solutions, and incentives, to stay.
    The Bar Foundation ensures WSBA has the resources to sustain its Diversity Programs.

  • Reach
    As the state bar, WSBA has the widest reach and influence to engage more lawyers in public service. By creating opportunities that make it easier and more rewarding to get involved, WSBA is enhancing the culture of service within the profession, and those entering the profession. It’s good for the public, lawyers, and law students.  
    The Bar Foundation supports the WSBA Moderate Means Program, which is making legal help affordable for more people.

The Bar Foundation ensures WSBA has the resources to lead on issues of justice, public service, and diversity. Giving is voluntary and helps expand programs and the number of people they can serve beyond what can be supported by license fees alone. WSBA programs are in high demand. Donations allow these successful programs to reach more attorneys, law students, and clients.

Make a donation to the Washington State Bar Foundation today. With your help, we can advance WSBA's vision of a just Washington — where all people are equal under the law.

The Washington State Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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2015 individual and law firm contributions to the Washington State Bar Foundation

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