2014 Board of Governors Elections

Five positions on the WSBA Board of Governors were up for election in 2014. These are the governors representing the 3rd, 6th, 7thN and 8th congressional districts, and one at-large position. The President-elect position was also filled. For more information on any of the below, contact Sue Strachan at barleaders@wsba.org or 206-733-5903.

District election results

District 3

  • Jill Karmy 69.42% — winner
  • Rick McLeod 30.58%

District 6 — runoff

  • Keith Black 59.83% - winner
  • Blake Kremer 40.17%

District 7N — runoff

  • Ann Danieli 50.16% - winner
  • Jill Malat 49.84%

8th district position

Because no candidates filed for the 8th district position, it was filled (per WSBA Bylaws) by the Board of Governors at its April 25-26 meeting in Moses Lake. The BOG interviewed five applicants then elected Andrea Jarmon.

At-large position

One of the three at-large positions on the WSBA Board of Governors was up for election. Under WSBA’s Bylaws, the purpose of this position is to increase diversity and representation on the Board, and the position is to be filled by a WSBA member who has “the experience and knowledge of the needs of those lawyers whose membership is or may be historically under-represented in governance, or who represents some of the diverse elements of the public of the State of Washington.” 

The Board of Governors interviewed five candidates at its June 6 meeting and elected Mario Cava.

President-elect position

At its June 6 meeting the Board of Governors elected William D. Hyslop as President-elect for 2014-15.


As of July 25, 2014

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