Amicus Curiae Brief Committee

The Amicus Curiae Brief Committee reviews all requests for amicus curiae participation by the WSBA and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding whether the Bar should file an amicus curiae brief.

Amicus Curiae Brief Policy 


Notice of request for WSBA to file amicus curiae brief

No current requests at this time.


Amicus Curiae Brief Committee meetings

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the WSBA Amicus Curiae Brief Committee will be on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, 12:15–1:30 p.m., at the WSBA offices.


Meeting Minutes

Jan. 13, 2015

Paul Fjelstad

Staff Liaison
Kirsten Schimpff

Board of Governors Liaison
Mario Cava

Archived notices

Institute for Justice v. State of Washington, No. 13-2-10152-7

Ho Keung Tse v. Google Inc., et al., No 14692 (U.S.), No. 2014-1222 (Fed. Cir.), No. 3:13-cv-00194-SI (N.D. Cal.).

Notice of Request for an Amicus Curiae Brief in State v. Joseph McEnroe and Michele Anderson (withdrawn)

Notice of Request for Amicus Curiae Brief in Nero v. Virginia Mason 

Notice of Request for Amicus Curiae Brief in Williamson v. Davidsson