Limited Practice Board

The Limited Practice Board oversees administration of, and compliance with, the Limited Practice Rule (APR 12) authorizing certain lay persons to select, prepare, and complete legal documents pertaining to the closing of real-estate and personal property transactions. The Board is responsible for the certification and regulation of limited practice officers (LPOs). See also Resources for LPOs.

Board Members

Kevin Plachy, Chair (WSBA Member)

WSBA Representatives: Lana M. FloydDavid J. Grant, Jay A. Goldstein

At-large Representative: Shelley Miner

Real Estate Representative: John M. Deely

Lending Representative: Robert W. Golden

Escrow Representative: Dee McComb

Title Representative: Kim V. Miller


Board Member Recruitment Notice:

We are currently recruiting applicants for four Limited Practice Board positions beginning January 1, 2016. The positions are for the Real Estate, Lending, and Escrow industry representatives and one WSBA representative (licensed lawyer). The four year term ends December 31, 2019.

Please apply by March 31, 2015. Please use this link to access the application.

(This account is NOT the same as your LPO Directory account.)

LPOs should follow these instructions. "Not a WSBA member? Create an account to shop the CLE store." 

Contact Us

WSBA Staff Liaison: Talia Clever 

WSBA Board of Governors Liaison: 
Jill Karmy