WSBA Call to Duty

The WSBA Call to Duty pledge asks you to commit to serving Washington veterans in 2017. We will support you by providing education, CLEs, and resources to serve veterans.

WSBA Call to Duty Pledge 

I pledge to serve veterans this year in one or more of the following ways:

  • Use my legal skills to advise a nonprofit organization that serves veterans.
  • Mentor those who take pro bono cases serving veterans.
  • Teach at a CLE on veteran legal issues.
  • Volunteer for one of the Call to Duty’s Days of Service
  • Volunteer with the WA Vets Will Clinic
  • Take a low-fee veteran's case through the WSBA Moderate Means Program.
  • Take a pro bono case from an organization who serves veterans.
  • Become certified to take a VA benefits case.


WSBA Culture of Service

The Washington State Bar Foundation ensures WSBA has the resources to lead on issues of justice, public service, and diversity. As part of WSBA's strategic goal to enhance the culture of service among members, we are pleased to offer the WSBA Call to Duty Program as a public service opportunity.

Take the Pledge

Reporting for duty... commit to serving WA veterans.

2016 WSBA Call to Duty Pledge