WSBA Call to Duty 

WSBA is currently seeking a nonprofit organization to partner on the second Day of Service in November. If you or your organization is interested please respond to our Request for Proposals by 5:00 p.m. August 30.

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On May 31, the WSBA Call to Duty Day of Service welcomed 53 volunteer attorneys to be a part of serving Washington veterans. Volunteers went through a morning training and put their newly gained skills to work in an afternoon legal clinic. Volunteers partnered up during the legal clinic and provided services to clients facing family law issues. The legal clinic served 24 veterans with family law needs with parenting plans and child support.

WSBA thanks the following volunteers for their time, talent and commitment to serving Washington veterans at the Call to Duty Day of Service in Tacoma.

Amanda Adair
Misty Addison
Travis Alley
Victoria Ambriz
Chelsea Anderson
Haley Beach
Jocelyn Beyer-Harris
Phil Brady
Zackary Burkhard
Kathryn Burns
Paul Burton
Adam Chromy
Mona Clarkson
Larry Couture
Michael J. Edwards
Leo Flor
Morgan Gabse
Therese Hansen
Derek Harris
Zelena Jones
Sarah Kelly
Patricia Kuderer
Kristina Larry
Gretchen Leanderson
Nicholas Leslie
Katie Ludwick
Kevin March
Emily McClory
Sara McCulloch
Miriam Miller
Margarita Molina
Maria Murphy
Samantha Noonan
Heath Parker
Rosa Pazhouh
Theresa Petraszak
Sheila Phillips
Jerrica Pierson Seeger
Benjamin Premack
Alexis Quinones
Veronica Quinonez
Sarah Richardson
Jason Ruyf
Jennifer Slemp
Alexandria Smith
Kate Snow
Tyler Solheim
Hilary Struthers
Tristin Sullivan-Leppa
Bruce Turcott
Cheryl Van Ackeren
Satya Grace Vanderbilt Kaskade
John Varga
Rosalind Williams
Tiffany Wong


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