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Thank you for participating in the WSBA Moderate Means Program. We appreciate and commend your commitment to increasing access to justice.

Free Trainings and CLEs

WSBA's free public service training series includes topics on foreclosure mediation advocacy, bankruptcy and debt in dissolution, counseling high conflict clients, and more.

Malpractice Insurance

The WSBA is pleased to announce that ALPS has been selected as the new carrier for the WSBA-endorsed professional liability program. Discounts and services are specially designed for Washington State Bar members. ALPS provides a number of benefits to insureds, including:

  • Defense cost allowance to protect your limit.
  • Input on selection of mutually acceptable defense representation.
  • No "hammer clause" regarding the appropriateness of a settlement.
  • First dollar defense: avoid paying deductible for defense costs if no loss payment is made.
  •  Extended reporting endorsement available.
  • Two deductible maximum per policy year.

The ALPS Difference:

  • The nations largest direct writer of lawyer's malpractice insurance.
  • Endorsed by more state bars than any other carrier.
  • Founded by lawyers, for lawyers.
  • Superior claims handling services provided by experienced and qualified claims attorneys.
  • High-caliber, practice building CLE and risk management programs.
  • A stabilizing force in the market, rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

To begin the application process, please visit ALPS or call 800-367-2577 or email

Tips for Successful Case Placement

Below are some tips to maximize your chances of being contacted with an MMP referral. 

  • If you are in King or Spokane counties, consider signing up to take cases in other counties as well. 
  • Spanish-speaking attorneys are always in demand.
  • Accept cases when you are contacted by an MMP intern. If you’ve accepted all or most of the referrals you’ve been offered, you will be more likely to receive additional referrals in the future. 
  • If you are concerned that a case might be out of your practice area, consider asking for a mentor who can help you with the case. 
  • Sign up for all three panels: family, housing, and consumer debt. 75% of our clients contact us with family law issues and that is the largest need in the community.

Fee Structure Recommendations

The participating lawyer and Moderate Means Program client should negotiate and determine the fee for representation. Neither WSBA nor the law schools will be involved in setting, monitoring, or enforcing this negotiation and fee agreement. WSBA suggests that participating lawyers reduce their standard fees according to the following sliding fee scale and the federal poverty level (FPL) for clients who are referred by the program:

Client income Reduce fee by
200–250% FPL 75%
250–350% FPL 50%
350–400% FPL 25%

Law student volunteers will help the client determine where their household income falls on the federal poverty level and will send that information to the participating lawyer with the client's referral information. Any and all fees agreed upon by lawyers and their clients are subject to the requirements of Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5. Lawyers are encouraged to provide written fee agreements to ensure that all parties understand the scope and cost of representation.

Conflicts of Interest Checks

Lawyers participating in the WSBA Moderate Means Program are responsible for conducting a conflicts of interest check in a manner consistent with their normal practice. The Moderate Means Program will not conduct any conflicts checks on behalf of participating lawyers. If a lawyer has a conflict with a client referred by Moderate Means, the lawyer should inform the law school of the conflict and encourage the client to contact the law student with whom they have been working for an alternate referral.

Online Research Tools

WSBA offers Casemaker, an online research library, at no charge to WSBA members. Casemaker provides free access to case law, statutes, and other materials from all 50 states. WSBA also provides links to electronic legal resource information

WSBA Culture of Service

The Washington State Bar Foundation ensures WSBA has the resources to lead on issues of justice, public service, and diversity. As part of WSBA's strategic goal to enhance the culture of service among members, we are pleased to offer the WSBA Moderate Means Program as a public service opportunity.

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