The Moderate Means Program connects clients who are middle-income earners with lawyers who offer legal assistance at a reduced cost. The lawyer will charge you fees and may request an advance deposit, but at a lower rate. 

On average, attorney hourly fees are $200. Through the program you might receive a reduction between 25% and 75% of this amount.


Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for the Moderate Means Program, you must be facing a family, housing, or consumer law issue and your household income must fall between 200–400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

A. Do you have a family, consumer, or housing law issue?

Family Law — Separation or divorce, child custody or visitation, child support, personal safety due to family member, establish the biological father of a child, adoption and juvenile dependency matters

Consumer Law — Debt or debt collectors, problems with a payday lender, legal issue involving the purchase, financing or repair of a vehicle, legal issue regarding utilities (water, electricity, garbage), victim of unfair or deceptive sales practice, victim of identity theft and Bankruptcy Chapters 7 and 13

Housing Law — Trouble with rental housing or a landlord, eviction, unfair denial of housing and repair issues

B. Is your household income between 200–400% of the Federal Poverty Level?

1 $23,340 $46,680
2 $31,460 $62,920
3 $39,580 $79,160
4 $47,700 $95,400
5 $55,820 $111,640
6 $63,940 $127,880
For each additional
 person, add:  



If you do not have an issue that fits within the areas listed above or your income is below 200% of the FPL, you will not qualify for this service.

Check out our Additional Legal Resources page for other resources available to low income individuals and those with different legal issues.

*Source: Calculations on data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

To Apply

The WSBA Moderate Means Program is closed and not accepting new applications until Monday, Nov. 30. Check back here to apply with our online application.

The private lawyers participating in the Moderate Means Program are solely liable for their actions. Neither the Washington State Bar Association nor the law schools are responsible for the services you receive from the lawyer.

Additional Legal Resources

Additional Legal Resources

Moderate Means Client Next Steps

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