The WSBA Moderate Means Program owes its early success to the hard work and dedication of the Access to Justice Board and the Washington Young Lawyers Division both of whom were instrumental in its development and implementation.    

Watch the launch video of the Moderate Means Program or read our press release!

Over the last ten years, the Washington Young Lawyers Division with the support of the Access to Justice Board initiated a pilot project in Spokane County to help provide greater access to legal assistance for people of moderate means. A volunteer-driven effort, the Greater Access and Assistance Project (GAAP) coordinated referrals to a panel of attorneys who accepted reduced-fee cases. 

Since then, Clark and several other counties initiated similar local efforts. The WSBA has been working with these GAAP programs to develop and provide resources for a statewide Moderate Means Program. The WSBA Board of Governors signaled its strong support for this program with an initial commitment of $200,000 and a commitment to continued support for the program. 

WSBA Culture of Service

The Washington State Bar Foundation ensures WSBA has the resources to lead on issues of justice, public service, and diversity. As part of WSBA's strategic goal to enhance the culture of service among members, we are pleased to offer the WSBA Moderate Means Program as a public service opportunity.

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