Membership Changes

There are four classes of WSBA membership with specified qualifications, privileges, and restrictions. These four classes, as defined by the WSBA Bylaws, are Active, Inactive (Inactive-Lawyer or Inactive-Honorary), Judicial, and Emeritus Pro Bono.

Changes are granted in accordance with the provisions of the WSBA Bylaws. Members should review Article III of the WSBA Bylaws and stay apprised of any changes to the Bylaws, as changes in the Bylaws can affect requirements for changing membership.

Please follow the instructions below for the desired change. Please also note that the website provides general information only; there may be additional requirements.

To change your contact information use the Membership Tools or call the Service Center at 800-945-WSBA (206-443-9722).

For questions about changing your membership class, contact us at 206-239-2131 or

Manage Your Membership

Update your contact info and preferences, order a new bar card, or order a status certificate.

Rules, Regulations, and Policies for Membership Changes

Bylaws Art. III: WSBA Membership section

APR 20–24: Character and Fitness

ELC 14: Duties on Suspension

GR 24: Definition of the Practice of Law

BOG Licensing and Resinstatement Fees Policy, July 2010

All questions and inquiries about membership changes may be directed to or 206-239-2131.

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