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A man and a woman provide legal support to a senior womanThe Washington State Bar Association does not provide direct legal services nor do we provide referrals to individual lawyers. Below are resources for people looking for referrals or access to free or reduced-fee legal help. 

Information and assistance provided by the organizations listed below are not reviewed or endorsed by the Washington State Bar Association.

Right to Counsel

In many cases, including criminal cases, you have the right to an attorney, even if you cannot afford one. Learn more about the right to effective counsel in Washington.

You have the right to see a defense attorney before you enter a plea bargain in a criminal case. Learn more about the possible effects of pleading guilty.  Considere las consecuencias de admitir culpabilidad.

Lawyer Referral Services

Many county bar associations offer local lawyer referral services.  Contact your county bar for information about legal help near you. 

The American Bar Association maintains a directory of lawyer referral services by state.

Legal Services for Low-Income Clients

CLEAR is Washington’s toll-free, centralized intake, advice, and referral service operated by the Northwest Justice Project for low-income people seeking free legal assistance with civil legal problems. The web page lists hours and instructions.

Lost Wills

People frequently contact WSBA for help finding a relative’s will, or finding the attorney who wrote it. While WSBA doesn’t keep wills, we can provide some tips for finding lost wills.

Foreclosure Help

The Washington State Bar Association and the Northwest Justice Project are pleased to offer free legal assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners through the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project. Learn more about foreclosure prevention help for homeowners or call the Washington Homeownership Information Hotline at 1-877-894-HOME (4663).

Family, Housing, and Consumer Legal Help

The Moderate Means Program is a partnership between the Washington State Bar Association and Washington’s 3 law schools. The Program connects people within 200–400% of the Federal Poverty Level to lawyers who offer family, housing, and consumer legal help at reduced fees.  Learn more about the Moderate Means Program or apply for legal help now.

Legal Services for Veterans

Northwest Justice Project’s statewide Veterans Project provides legal advice, representation, and referrals on a variety of civil legal issues including: 

  • Child Support (modification and arrears forgiveness)
  • Vacating Criminal Convictions / Records
  • Consumer Law
  • Housing Issues
  • Veteran's benefits, and state public/health benefits
  • Discharge Upgrades (less than 15 years old)

Veterans can call NJP’s Veterans Project directly: 1-855-NJP-VETS (855-657-8387). 

Veterans facing issues not listed above can contact CLEAR to find out if they qualify for free legal aid.

Self-Help Resources

Information about your legal rights and self-help legal packets, including court forms, can be found online at

A video entitled "Your Day in Court: How to Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard in King County," along with a companion handbook, is now available. In the video, King County Superior Court Judges Steven González and Mary Yu  provide information about how to get your case ready for trial and courtroom procedures. The handbook also includes a list of legal resources and a glossary of terms, among other valuable information.

Moderate Means Program

Legal help at a reduced fee for Washington's moderate income families.


Washington’s toll-free, centralized intake, advice and referral service for low-income people seeking free legal assistance with civil legal problems

Washington Law Help

Online information about your legal rights and self-help legal packets including court forms.

Facing Foreclosure?

For help, contact a housing counselor through the Home Ownership Information Hotline at 1-877-894-HOME (4663).

Learn more about how the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project can help you.