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2015 Access to Justice Board Annual Report

The Washington State Access to Justice Board was established by a Washington Supreme Court order in 1994. Through its justice system partners and standing committees, the board works to achieve equal access to the civil justice system for those facing economic and other significant barriers.

Washington Planning for
Delivery of Civil Legal Services

On Oct. 16, 2015, the Access to Justice Board approved the scope and timeline for developing the statewide plan for the delivery of civil legal aid. Follow the board on Facebook to track its work developing the statewide plan.

On Nov. 3, 2015, we hosted a webinar to explain the structure of the Alliance, provide an overview of the Civil Legal Needs Study Update, and explain how to get involved in the state planning process to develop the coordinated delivery of civil legal services. Please view that recorded webinar (53 minutes) to learn more. Registration is required to access the recording.

Read the summary memo outlining the progress of phase one of the planning process.

Current Initiatives

The ATJ Board works to achieve equal access to the civil justice system through a variety of means and strategies. Therefore, by expanding the Lifeline program to include broadband services, the commission will make a critical and historic step in reshaping the way our most impoverished Americans engage with and participate in the law. Read the board's comments submitted to the FFC regarding the commission's proposal to modernize its Lifeline program.

Other News

Meet the ATJ Board's newest member, Mirya Muñoz-Roach.

Read a recap from an Alliance for Equal Justice leader reiterating the value of the Access to Justice Conference followed by a few personal experiences from our Alliance colleagues.

The ATJ Board recently adopted guidelines regarding requests for ATJ Board and ATJ Board Committee support.

View the ATJ Board's newly adopted Communication Plan.

The Equal Justice Community Leadership Academy Steering Committee is proud to announce the 30 individuals selected to participate in Cohort III of the Academy.

View the newest Best Practices for Pro Bono Services in Washington.

View an evaluation of the board's first 20 years, authored by John A. Tull in July 2014.

The recently revised 2014 Alliance Hallmarks are now available.

View the "Providing Access to Court Information in Electronic Form Best Practices" Final Report and Overview and Methodology.

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If you are looking for legal assistance or referrals, learn more about Finding Legal Help.

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