Updated: Dec. 28, 2017

Mindful Lawyers Welcome

Mindfulness is a valuable tool for well-being, including in the practice of law. Indeed, many law firms and governmental agencies are promoting mindfulness and secular meditation for their lawyers.

Meditation at Your Desk

Attorney and Meditator Greg Wolk will be leading a mindfulness group that will include guided meditations and trainings on the topic of building attorney resilience.  

When:  Thursdays at noon beginning Sept. 14. This 30-minute group runs for 10 weeks.

Where:  At your Desk!  Using the Zoom Videoconferencing platform

Cost: $35

Signup: Click here to sign up and read more information about this unique offering.

Mindful Lawyers Group

The WSBA has created space for interested lawyers to come meditate and engage in mindful conversation on a weekly basis.

When:  Mondays, noon–1 p.m.  

Where: WSBA's LAP Group Room, 1325 Fourth Ave., Suite 600, Seattle

Please contact Phyllis Miller at phyllis.miller@safeco.com for more information about the weekly mindfulness offering.

If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation training, please contact Greg Wolk at greg@rekhiwolk.com. Greg is affiliated with Washington Contemplative Lawyers, is an organization for Washington lawyers and judges interested in mindfulness and the law.