Updated: Oct. 8, 2021

Keller Compliance Option 2022

Notice to WSBA Members

In a U.S. Supreme Court case Keller v. State Bar of California, the Court ruled that a bar association may not use mandatory member fees to support political or ideological activities that are not reasonably related to the regulation of the legal profession or improving the quality of legal services. The bar is required to identify that portion of mandatory license fees that go to such "nonchargeable" activities and establish a system whereby objecting members may either deduct that portion of their fees or receive a refund. 

This year (2022), objecting members may deduct up to the following amounts:

 2022 License FeeKeller Deduction
Active Lawyer Admitted to any Bar before 2020$458.00$9.02
Active Lawyer Admitted to any Bar in 2020 or 2021$229.00$4.51
Inactive/Pro Bono Lawyer$200.00$3.94
Active LLLT Admitted before 2020$229.00$4.51
Active LLLT Admitted in 2020 or 2021$114.50$2.26
Active LPO Admitted before 2020$200.00$3.94
Active LPO Admitted in 2020 or 2021$100.00$1.97
Inactive LLLT or LPO$100.00$1.97
New Active Lawyer Admittee (Jan. 1-June 30)$229.00$4.51
New  Active Lawyer Admittee (July 1-Dec. 31)$114.50$2.26

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2021 Keller Deduction