Updated: Aug. 21, 2018

What is Honorary Status?

Honorary status is for licensed legal professionals who have been on active or judicial status for 50 years or more.  It is a type of inactive status.  You are not permitted to practice law while on honorary status and you are not eligible to vote in Bar matters.

How do I change to Honorary Status?

  • You must have served on Active and/or Judicial status for 50 years. Time spent on any other status does not count towards the 50 year requirement.
  • Complete and submit the Application to Honorary
  • While on Honorary status:
    • You are not permitted to practice law, as defined by Washington Supreme Court General Rule 24.
    • You pay no annual license fee.
    • You are not required to earn or report MCLE credits, but you will be required to have completed a certain number of MCLE credits to return to Active status.

Returning to Active Status from Honorary Status

  • Honorary status is a type of Inactive status that does not require payment of an annual license fee.  Complete details about Inactive status and the full requirements to return to Active status can be found here: Facts to Active from Inactive.

Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, Bylaws and policies.