Updated: Aug. 21, 2018

The WSBA Legislative Review Committee (WLRC) meets several times during the fall. Its primary purpose is to ensure that WSBA-request legislation meets GR 12 and is vetted both internally and externally. WSBA-request legislation typically emanates from a WSBA section. The WLRC may also consider non-WSBA proposals submitted to the committee for the purpose of seeking WSBA input and support. If the committee votes to recommend approval of a WSBA-request bill, or support of a non-WSBA proposed bill, the proposal is submitted to the Board of Governors in November for formal approval or support. WSBA-request bills approved by the Board are introduced in the next legislative session.

2017 WSBA Legislative Review Committee Roster

  • Kyle Sciuchetti, Chair
  • Chris Meserve, BOG Liaison
  • Brian Considine
  • Rachel Forde
  • Taudd Hume

  • Debra Lefing
  • Edwin Norton
  • Tim Spellman
  • Catherine Szurek
  • John Yip

Meeting Materials