Updated: Dec. 5, 2023

It's virtually impossible to look for work all day every day. It's emotionally draining to wake up and not know what to do with your time. One trick to winning in the job hunt is to be optimistic about positive outcomes from the contacts you make. The job you are looking for may be right around the corner. At the same time, it is also important to think long-term. This is a phase of life that does not have an end date. Taking a part-time job can be an important way of keeping yourself active and reducing financial pressure.

While any legal job may sound attractive when you are unemployed, you're likely to return to square one if your new job isn't a good fit for your abilities. Jeff Minzel, a partner at Perkins Coie in Seattle, advises unemployed lawyers to get that nonlegal part-time job until they find the right job. That way you're not stuck with a résumé of serial one- to two-year jobs. It's better to have one gap before landing the right job that you would be happy to stay with.

The best way to feel like a lawyer, meet other lawyers, avoid gaps in your résumé and learn new practice areas while unemployed is to take on pro bono work. Try to find pro bono opportunities that offer training and support, so you're learning and networking throughout the process. In our Career Guidance Group, the attorneys who have signed up for pro bono work generally have more optimism and more leads. You can participate in pro bono opportunities across a variety of practice areas across Washington. The WSBA's Moderate Means Program is a great way to learn new skills and expand your practice by accessing free or low-cost online trainings.

Some lawyers also have had good experiences doing contract law or document review work to make money and use their legal minds while looking for a full-time job. Here are some leads in the contract law realm submitted by a fellow job seeker.