Updated: Aug. 2, 2018

The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) and the Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) have prioritized the use of funds to send new and/or young lawyers to serve as an American Bar Association Young Lawyer Division delegate at the division's meetings and conferences. This scholarship fund is designed to:

  • encourage attendance and participation at the ABA Young Lawyer Division meetings
  • create the opportunity for delegates to bring ideas back to the WYLC about how to engage and serve new lawyers in Washington.

Scholarships for the annual meeting: There will be up to two $675 scholarships awarded for new and young lawyers the ABA annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, Aug. 2–4.

For the annual conferences, the Washington delegate(s) will participate in any applicable voting as a member of the ABA YLD Assembly, representing the interest of new and young lawyers in Washington state. Attendance at assembly meetings is required. 

Following their attendance at one of the above meetings, each delegate is required to attend a WYLC meeting and provide a presentation to share what they have learned that may be applicable to new and young lawyers in Washington State, and be prepared to answer questions. Additionally, delegates may be asked to provide a written summary to new and young lawyers via the WSBA new lawyers list serve and/or the WSBA blog, NWSidebar. Delegates are encouraged to attend plenary and closing sessions and at least one block of programming on each day.

Requirements to Apply

  1. Applicants must be current members of the ABA Young Lawyer Division.
  2. Applicants for the scholarship fund must be considered a new or young lawyer as defined in section XII of the WSBA Bylaws at the time of the selection to serve as delegate. The WSBA considers an active member a young or new lawyer if at least one of the two criteria below is met:
  • The member has been admitted to practice for fewer than five years (in any state), or
  • The member is under 36 years of age.

Selection Process
The ABA Scholarship Subcommittee has selection authority over who will be awarded the scholarships.