Updated: Aug. 3, 2018

WSBA Mentorship provides resources and support for organizations that are interested in creating their own mentorship programming.

Find a Mentorship Program: Is Your Program on this List?

WSBA Mentorship maintains a list of mentorship programs across Washington. Review our list of programs and confirm your program is included and the information is up-to-date. Email changes to mentorlink@wsba.org.

Mentorship-in-a-Box: Developing an MCLE Accredited Program

WSBA Mentorship created the Mentorship-in-a-Box guide to assist organizations to develop MCLE accredited mentorship programs. Whether or not you decide to seek MCLE accreditation, these materials will help you to create or improve your existing mentorship program.

Useful Tools & Resources: Mentorship-in-a-Box  

Part 1: Program Guide
Part 2: Mentoring Project Plan
Part 3: Applications
Part 4: Tips & Resources

Mentorship Program MCLE-Accreditation Application

Mentorship-in-a-Box Workshop Session
The Mentorship-in-a-Box workshop provides organizations the opportunity to work on planning documents and think strategically through their mentorship programs. The workshop includes presentations to help organizations understand requirements and the materials.