Updated: May 17, 2023

The Washington State Bar Association is committed to providing equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in order to allow individuals to participate fully in WSBA services, programs, and activities including meetings, events, and discipline proceedings required by court rule.

If you need accommodation, submit an accommodation request form (PDF). See the form for instructions to submit a request for accommodation. If you are unable to complete the form due to an impairment, you may contact accommodations@wsba.org or 206-727-8200 for further assistance.

Do not use this form for accommodations related to applications for licensing examinations or employment-related matters. See separate information below for licensing exams and employment accommodations requests.

Board of Governors Meetings

If you need an accommodation to participate in a Board of Governors meeting, email accommodations@wsba.org.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

If you need an accommodation to participate in a WSBA-sponsored CLE program, email cle@wsba.org.

Licensed Legal Professional Complaints

If you need an accommodation to file a grievance against a lawyer or other licensed legal professional, or related to a pending disciplinary grievance or proceeding, email accommodations@wsba.org.

Licensing Exams

If you are an applicant for a licensing exam and need information about testing accommodations, please read Reasonable Accommodations for Exams FAQ, or email admissions@wsba.org.



Complaint Procedures

If you have a complaint alleging that you were subject to discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of a WSBA service, program, or activity, please direct your complaint to accommodations@wsba.org. Please review the WSBA’s Complaint Procedure Under the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will make every effort to promptly and equitably resolve your concerns.


If you have a problem reading or accessing information or materials on the WSBA website, email servicecenter@wsba.org. Visit our Accessibility page for more information. If you have general accessibility questions, email equityandjustice@wsba.org.