Updated: June 26, 2018

LLLT Exam Results

Applicants who have passed the LLLT Exam have 40 months from the date of the examination to complete the new admittee process and be licensed as a LLLT.

After an applicant has met all the requirements for admission, the applicant will be recommended to the Washington Supreme Court for admission to the practice of law in Washington as a LLLT. Applicants are not permitted to practice as a LLLT until the Court signs the Admission Order and the applicant receives a license number.

Congratulations to the Following Successful Candidates:

Sherri Farr  | Vancouver, Washington

Renee Janes  |  Seattle, Washington

Diane Catherine-Balch Loepker  |  La Center, Washington

Exam Statistics

Exam DateNumber of ApplicantsNumber PassedPercent Passed
February 2018   9333%