Updated: Aug. 15, 2019

Admission Requirements and LLLT Exam Results

Applicants must provide additional documentation and must complete all of the new admittee requirements prior to admission.

After an applicant has met all the requirements for admission, the applicant will be recommended to the Washington Supreme Court for admission as a LLLT.  Upon receipt of the admission order from the Court, the WSBA will assign the new admittee a license number.  Applicants are not permitted to practice as a LLLT until the Court signs the admission order and the applicant receives a license number.

Applicants who have passed the Washington LLLT Exam have 40 months from the date of the administration of the examination to complete the new admittee process and be licensed as a LLLT.

License Fee for New Limited License Legal Technician

Status & Admission Date

License Fee for New LLLT +
Mandatory CPF

Total to Remit

LLLT Admitted Jan. 1–June 30, 2019

$100 + $30


LLLT Admitted July 1–Dec. 31, 2019

$50 + $30


Limited License Legal Technician Pass List

July 29, 2019 Exam Pass List Will Be Posted Here on September 13, 2019 at 8 a.m. PST


Exam Statistics

Exam Date

Number of Applicants

Number Passed

Percent Passed

February 2019




July 2018




Please Note : All applicants are subject to a character and fitness review prior to being admitted to practice law in Washington.  Factors considered by Admissions staff and Bar Counsel when determining whether an applicant should be referred to the Character and Fitness Board are set forth in Washington Supreme Court Admission and Practice Rules (APR)  20-24.2(a). 

Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations set by the Washington Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, Bylaws and policies.