Updated: June 28, 2018

The Member Wellness Program (formerly known as Lawyers Assistance Program or LAP) promotes the health and well-being of WSBA members as well as law students and those applying for admission to the Washington State Bar. The Member Wellness Program offers job search groups and consultations; educational programming on attorney self-care and mental health; web resources; trainings for peer advisors; and support for those concerned about an attorney. All services are confidential according to (APR 19).

The Member Wellness Program is committed to providing culturally competent services. Read more about our commitment to diversity.

What's New?

Sept. 6, 2018 Virtual Job Group

Jan. 7, 2019 In Person Job Group

April 4, 2019 Virtual Job Group

Services We Offer

WSBA Connects
Free 24/7 support statewide for mental health, personal, and family issues

Job Seeking Assistance
Virtual and in-person career search groups, consultations, resources, and the WSBA Career Center

Work and Wellness
Join the Member Wellness Program for the Work + Wellness Webinar Series

Peer Advisor
Advice and support from other attorneys

Mindfulness Groups
Learn about the Meditation at Your Desk group and the Mindful Lawyers group.

Resources and Information

Mental Health Resources
Address the concerns that can hamper a career

Self-Care Resources

Addiction Resources
Lawyers have some of the highest rates of alcohol and substance abuse.

WSBA Lending Libraries
Books for you and your practice

Concerned About an Attorney?
Confidential advice and support is available

Judicial Assistance Service Program

Retirement Considerations
Challenges facing attorneys in their 50s and beyond