Updated: Aug. 24, 2018

Earning MCLE Credits


Live Course

Attending, teaching, presenting, or participating in or at an approved live continuing legal education course.

Pre-recorded Audio/Video

Listening to or viewing an approved pre-recorded continuing legal education course provided it was recorded less than five years prior.

Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

Beyond the above traditional continuing legal education activities, lawyers, LLLTs, and LPOs can earn credit by participating in any of the following activities:

Course Preparation

Preparation time for a teacher, presenter, or panelist of an approved activity at the rate of up to five credits per hour of presentation time, provided that the presentation time is at least 30 minutes in duration.


Participating in a structured mentoring program approved by the MCLE Board, provided the mentoring is free to the mentee and the mentor is an active licensed legal professional of the WSBA in good standing and has been admitted to the practice of law in Washington for at least five years.  Click here for more details and access to the MCLE Board approved self directed mentoring program materials.

Pro Bono Service 

Providing pro bono legal services through a Qualified Legal Service Provider (QLSP) as defined in Washington Supreme Court Admission and Practice Rule (APR) 1.  Here is a list of QLSPs.

Legal Writing

Writing for the purpose of lawyer, LLLT, or LPO education, when the writing has been published by a recognized publisher of legal works as a book, law review, or scholarly journal article of at least 10 pages, will earn one credit for every 60 minutes devoted to legal research and writing.

Teaching Law School Courses

When the instructor is not a full-time law school professor.

Law School Competitions

Judging or preparing law school students for law school recognized competitions, mock trials, or moot court.  The sponsoring law school must comply with all sponsor requirements under this rule.