Updated: July 19, 2024

Volunteer to Represent WSBA on a Committee or Organization

  • Certified Professional Guardianship and Conservatorship Board — deadline is Aug. 16, 2024
  • Commission on Judicial Conduct - deadline is Aug. 16, 2024
  • Washington Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee — deadline is Aug. 16, 2024
  • Northwest Justice Board of Directors - deadline is Sept. 20, 2024


Certified Professional Guardianship and Conservatorship Board

Application Deadline: Aug. 16, 2024

One (1) position is open on the Certified Professional Guardianship and Conservatorship (CPGC) Board to fill a vacancy with a term beginning Oct. 1, 2024 and ending September 30, 2027. The WSBA will nominate an applicant to be appointed by the Supreme Court. The CPGC Board is the regulatory authority for the practice of Certified Professional Guardians and Conservators- individuals and agencies - in Washington State. The Board is charged with establishing the standards and criteria for the certification of professional guardians and conservators, as defined by RCW 11.130.010 (26).

The Board meets monthly (in person, Zoom, or by conference call) to review applications for certification, adopt and implement regulations relating to standards and practice, ethics and training for professional guardians, and to review grievances. In developing procedures and policies, the Board would like to consider diverse opinions. Therefore, the Board is interested in members from diverse backgrounds, those with diverse experience and knowledge, as well as diversity in geographic location throughout the state of Washington.

For more information about this board, see  its webpage or contact Stacey Johnson at stacey.johnson@courts.wa.gov, 360-705-5302. To apply, email a letter and resume to barleaders@wsba.org on or before Aug. 16, 2024.


Commission on Judicial Conduct

Application deadline: Aug. 16, 2024

The WSBA Board of Governors is seeking applicant for one WSBA representative alternate lawyer position on the Commission on Judicial Conduct. The term for the alternate would begin upon appointment through to June 16, 2027, subject to reappointment.

The Commission reviews complaints of ethical misconduct and disability against judicial officers, discusses the progress of investigations, and takes action to resolve complaints. The goal of the Commission is to maintain confidence and integrity in the judicial system by seeking to preserve both judicial independence and public accountability. The public interest requires a fair and reasonable process to address judicial misconduct or disability, separate from the judicial appeals system that allows individual litigants to appeal legal errors.

The Commission consists of 11 members who serve four-year terms — six non-lawyer citizens, three judges, and two lawyers. Each member has an alternate whose term coincides with their corresponding member’s term. The lawyers must be admitted to practice in Washington and are appointed by the WSBA. Incumbents are eligible for reappointment, limited to two terms as an alternate member and two terms as a full member. Letters of interest and résumés are also required for incumbents seeking reappointment. The term for these positions will commence July 1, 2024 and expire on June 16, 2028.

There are five regular meetings each year.  In addition, it is crucial that members be available to serve on contested hearing panels that occur up to two times a year and may take multiple days to complete. 

To apply: please submit the following 1) letter of interest 2) résumé and 3) completed  Waiver and Authorization Form for Commission on Judicial Conduct (see below) to barleaders@wsba.org by Aug. 16, 2024.   

The Commission on Judicial Conduct has asked the WSBA to conduct discipline checks on all applicants. Further information about the Commission can be found online at www.cjc.state.wa.us, or by contacting them at 360-753-4585.

Washington Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee

Application deadline: Aug. 16, 2024

One WSBA representative position is open on the Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee for a term beginning July 1, 2024 and ending June 30, 2027. The Oversight Committee is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA), reviewing the performance of the OCLA Director, and making recommendations to the Legislature, the Supreme Court and the Access to Justice Board on matters relating to the delivery of state-funded civil legal aid services.

The current WSBA Representative (since 2018) is Chalia Stallings-Ala'ilima and is happy to answer any questions about the role. 

WSBA seeks applicants who:

  • Have a demonstrated interest and commitment to ensuring equity and justice for low-income and vulnerable people in our state’s civil justice system,
  • Are committed to promoting bipartisan support for state-funded civil legal aid services, and effective non-partisan oversight of the state-funded civil legal aid system,
  • Offer relevant leadership experience and/or potential, and
  • Who will help enhance the racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, political and other diversity of the Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee.  

To Apply: please submit a cover letter and resume to barleaders@wsba.org by Friday, June 28. For questions regarding this position, please contact Sara Robbins at sara.robbins@ocla.wa.gov or visit the website. 

NOTE: Employees of programs funded by OCLA are not eligible to serve.


Northwest Justice Project Board of Directors

Application deadline: Sept. 20, 2024

The WSBA Board of Governors is accepting applications to appoint up to three (3) attorney members to the Northwest Justice Project (NJP) Board of Directors.  Appointments are for a term of three years.

Candidates with lived experience reflective of NJP’s client community are strongly encouraged to apply, as are candidates outside of the central Puget Sound region.

NJP is Washington’s largest civil legal aid provider and pursues its mission of Combating Injustice • Strengthening Communities • Protecting Human Dignity by providing free legal services to low-income individuals, families, and communities throughout Washington with more than 180 attorneys in 21 field offices, a statewide hotline, and Washingtonawhelp.org, an extensive website providing legal resources in multiple languages.  NJP is primarily funded by the Washington Office of Civil Legal Aid and the federal Legal Services Corporation with additional support from the WA Department of Commerce and the Legal Foundation of Washington among other public and private funders.

Service on NJP’s Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity for accomplished individuals who are passionate about the struggle for equal justice and who are committed to ensuring low-income people in Washington have access to high-quality civil legal assistance and representation.  NJP’s board is responsible for setting program policy; overseeing NJP operations and regulatory compliance; providing fiscal oversight; helping with resource development; and supporting, partnering with, and overseeing the executive director. NJP’s Board is committed to advancing the Access to Justice Community’s Race Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI - link).

Board members attend quarterly, in-person meetings in Seattle, attend a one-day annual retreat, and serve on two standing committees (which meet no less than 4 times per year remotely). Board members also participate in and support NJP in local legal community activities and the biennial Access to Justice Conference. Board-related expenses (i.e. - travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed, as appropriate.

For more information, please contact NJP Deputy Director Hickory Gateless (email link), or Board Development Committee Chair Sean Waite (email link). To apply, email a letter of interest and résumé to barleaders@wsba.org by Sept. 20, 2024.