Updated: Jan. 19, 2022
We encourage members to make online purchases of certificates using the links below.  All certificates will be delivered by email only unless a hard copy is specifically requested.  Please note that hard copies may be delayed for one week or more.  Currently, some certificate requests can only be made by faxing or mailing a form, such as requests by third parties. Please do not ask for expedited handling when using the form as we cannot provide expedited handling at this time.

Status Certificates

There are multiple certificates relating to a licensed legal professional’s status that can be obtained from WSBA. Current Status Certificates (formerly known as a Certificate of Good Standing), Status History Certificates,  Admission Certificates, and Discipline History Certificates are available for purchase from the WSBA. A Certificate of Good Standing is available from the Washington Supreme Court. Because these certificates differ in important ways, please read the following descriptions carefully before placing an order.

How to Purchase Certificates

Licensed legal professionals requesting certificates about themselves may purchase certificates online using the hyperlink provided in each description below. Each certificate is $25, except the discipline history certificate which is $30, plus tax. You will receive a certificate by mail and a PDF certificate by email. Certificates are generated electronically and may be reproduced as needed. Please make sure your main email address and public/mailing address are current by visiting mywsba.org.

If you are a third party or require the certificate to be delivered directly to a third party, you must use the Status, Admission, and Discipline History Certificate Request Form.

Standard processing time is about one week for a Status Certificate or Admission Certificate and two weeks for a Discipline History Certificate.

Current Status Certificate

A Current Status Certificate reflects the licensed legal professional’s date of admission or licensure and the license status as of the date stated. Historical information about status, including periods on inactive or judicial status, administrative and disciplinary suspension, disbarment, resignation, etc., is NOT reflected in this information but is available through a Status History Certificate.

Status History Certificate

A Status History Certificate reflects the licensed legal professional’s admission or licensure date, license status as of the date stated, and all public information that affected the license’s status, including periods on inactive or judicial status, administrative and disciplinary suspension, disbarment, resignation, etc. Current status only is available through a Current Status Certificate.

(Note: A status history certificate does not contain any information about confidential grievances which is only available through a discipline history certificate.)

Admission Certificate

An Admission Certificate reflects your admission date, the method by which you were admitted and the date of the bar exam that you passed, if applicable.

Discipline History Certificate

A Discipline History Certificate certifies a summary of confidential grievances and public discipline imposed. This is not a status certificate and does not certify license status or admission date.

Certificate of Good Standing from Washington Supreme Court

For a certificate from the state’s highest court or an officer of the court, a Certificate of Good Standing is available by contacting the Washington Supreme Court Clerk’s Office at 360-357-2077 or visiting the Court’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to order both a Current Status and Status History Certificate?

Usually, no. They both provide current status and the date of admission. The difference between the two documents is that the Status History Certificate lists all status changes made since admission or licensure, whereas the Current Status Certificate lists only the current status.

Will the Current Status Certificate contain disciplinary information?

No. See Discipline History Certificate if you need discipline history including confidential grievances.

Will the Status History Certificate contain disciplinary information?

Only public discipline affecting the status of a license is reflected on a Status History Certificate, e.g. disciplinary suspension, disbarment, resignation in lieu of discipline. See Discipline History Certificate if you need complete discipline history including confidential grievances.

Can you deliver the certificate via FedEx or UPS?

Yes, if you provide a prepaid bill of lading and shipping envelope with the request form.

Who do I contact for help with ordering certificates?

Please contact the Regulatory Services Department at statuschanges@wsba.org if you have questions or need help with requesting Status or Admission certificates. Contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel at disciplinechecks@wsba.org if you have questions or need help with requesting discipline history certificates.