Updated: Aug. 11, 2022

Law Clerk Program Resources

Welcome! Enrolled law clerks and tutors may use the below forms and resources to aid in their studies as they navigate through the Law Clerk Program. For additional information or questions, email lawclerks@wsba.org.


Assistant Tutor Application

Fourth Year Proposal

Leaves of Absence

Jurisprudence Book Request(s)

Monthly Certificate

Monthly Certificates (Under-employment Waiver)

Primary Tutor Application

Rule 9 Tutor Approval

Tutor's Final Certificate

Workplace Lawyer and Primary Tutor Application (Employment Waiver)


Law Clerk Program Checklist

Jurisprudence Reading List

First year summary

Scheduling First and Fourth-Year Evaluations

Halfway through the first and fourth year, email lawclerks@wsba.org with the date you intend to begin your second year or the date you intend to complete the program. The evaluation includes both the law clerk and tutor.

Rule 9

After a law clerk has completed 30 courses in the law clerk program, a law clerk is eligible to apply for a Rule 9 license. The Rule 9 application can be accessed via the online admissions portal. A Rule 9 tutor approval form must be submitted with a Rule 9 application. Admissions will reach out to the law clerk program to confirm the law clerk's eligibility. 

Applying for the Bar Exam

A Law Clerk that has successfully completed the Law Clerk Program is eligible to apply for the Washington lawyer bar examination. The bar exam application can be accessed via the online admissions portal. Admissions will confirm with the law clerk program that a law clerk has successfully completed the program. The fourth year evaluation and the tutors final certificate must be successfully submitted in order for the program to confirm a law clerks successful completion.