Updated: Nov. 8, 2018

Maintaining Your LLLT License

The WSBA administers the licensing and renewal process for Washington licensed legal professionals on behalf of and under rules adopted by the Washington Supreme Court. 

To maintain an Active status license, Legal Technicians are responsible for completing specific tasks by Feb. 1 each year. Tasks include:

  • Pay a license fee;
  • Show proof of financial responsibility (professional liability insurance);
  • Show proof of IOLTA account or flat-fee-based business;
  • Show proof of mandatory continuing legal education; and
  • Notify the Bar of changes to contact information.

License Fee

The license fee of $175 is due by Feb. 1 annually. Submit the license renewal form you receive in the mail with your payment. You may pay by credit card or check. Please note that all credit card transactions will carry a 2.5% transaction fee to be paid to the vendor. 

Failure to pay by Feb. 1 results in a 30% late payment fee ($52.50). Failure to pay will also result in a recommendation to the Washington Supreme Court to suspend the LLLT's license.



All Active LLLTs must show proof of current professional liability insurance. On the license renewal form due Feb. 1 each year, there is a section that asks for your policy number. You also have an obligation to notify the Bar of any cancellation of your policy or lapse in coverage on an ongoing basis.


LLLTs have two options for charging fees:

  1. Create an Interest on Lawyer Trust Account (IOLTA) immediately after becoming licensed. Request to Establish IOLTA Account to open your IOLTA account.
  2. Charge only flat fees, in compliance with LLLT RPC 1.5.

Unless you are charging only flat fees, you must maintain an IOLTA account and report the bank where the account is held and the account number on your license renewal form due Feb. 1 each year.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Each LLLT is required to complete 30 credits of continuing legal education by Dec. 31 every three years. Please visit the MCLE site and read APR 11 for complete details.
We have prepared an Info Sheet to explain the MCLE requirements for LLLTs.

Upcoming CLEs

Please confirm with the LLLT Program Lead that any CLE you would like to receive credit for relates to your scope of practice, area of practice, the LLLT core curriculum, ethics/professional responsibility, or qualifies for "other" credit before taking the CLE. CLEs designed for lawyers that cover family law, legal ethics, core curriculum topics such as legal technology, and those that meet the requirements for "other" credit for lawyers will generally meet LLLT CLE requirements.

If the CLE sponsor is not going to report your attendance to the LLLT Program Lead, please plan to submit the Application for Approval of CLE Activity. Submit the application in advance of the CLE, if possible, to ensure that you will be approved for credit.

Notification of Contact Information Changes

You must provide your business and residential addresses, business telephone number, and business email each year when you renew your license. You also must notify the Bar within 10 days of any changes to your contact information on an ongoing basis.


LLLTs may have the following statuses:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Emeritus Pro Bono
  • Voluntarily Resigned

What is Inactive status?

Inactive status is designed for LLLTs who are not presently practicing but intend to return to practice. A LLLT who is on Inactive status does not have to meet the requirements under APR 28 to maintain insurance and a trust account. Inactive status LLLTs must continue to pay an annual license fee in the amount required for Inactice LLLTs.

A LLLT may request transfer to Inactive status. They may request to return to Active status at any time. To return to Active status, the LLLT must be current on all licensing requirements, including payment of the annual fees, continuing education requirements, and financial responsibility requirements and may have other requirements to meet depending on how long they have been on Inactive status.

For questions about changing your membership status, please contact statuschanges@wsba.org or call 206-239-3131.

*Any discrepancy or conflict between the information provided here and the rules and regulations adopted by the Washington Supreme Court, or the Bylaws and policies of the Washington State Bar Association, is unintentional and will be resolved in favor of strict compliance with the rules, regulations, Bylaws, and policies.