Updated: Jan. 18, 2018

The WSBA is committed to being accountable to its members and the public for its finances and welcomes your questions and suggestions about financial matters. Chief Operations Controller Ann Holmes and Controller Mark Hayes are responsible for the Bar's financial operations. The Budget and Audit Committee of the Board of Governors oversees Bar finances.

WSBA Budget

Read the WSBA Budget for fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2018.

Financial Reports

The Bar's fiscal year is Oct. 1–Sept. 30. The WSBA produces internal unaudited financial statements monthly. These reports are made up of income (profit/loss) statements for each of the WSBA’s cost centers. Reports show monthly and year-to-date financial activities and the budget associated with each of those activities. A summary sheet combining all cost centers provides an overall picture of the Bar's financial status at the end of each month, and a cash balances statement shows the WSBA’s current cash and investments allocations. WSBA’s year-end financial statements are audited each year by an independent accounting firm.

Lawyer License Fees

License fees are the main source of funding for WSBA programs, services, and operations. As fiduciaries, the Board must set license fees at a level that enables the Bar to continue to meet our regulatory obligations, advance our mission, provide value to our members at reasonable cost, and preserve a prudent level of reserves. In September 2016, following extensive examination of historical, current, and projected revenues, expenses, license fees, and reserves, the Board of Governors adopted lawyer licenses fees for the period 2018-2020 at the following levels: $449 in 2018, $453 in 2019, and $458 in 2020. These levels reflect the Board’s deep commitment to support WSBA as an integrated bar, while preserving minimum operating reserves of $2 million.  

Learn about our License Fee Exemptions and Payment Plan.

Fiscal Policies, Procedures, and Reimbursement